How To Wear Pink 2021

Folks! Here’s an article on how to wear pink 2021! This sweet color is always a part of the fashion game, and this season it shows up in the shape of a pastel, retro, pink. It’s been awhile since I last wrote about pink in specific, but you can find an article on how to wear the pastels here. Anyway, here’s how to wear pink 2021:

How Wear Pink 2021

With Red

A really simple, energetic, outfit is to go for a red and pink combination. I absolutely looove to wear these two together. They’re kind of a match made in heaven. Love both to go for a red base with pink highlights, or a pink base with some red accessories. Doesn’t matter how you match or clash these two, it’ll surely be a successful one! You can start small by going for red lips when you wear a pink top/dress, or go bold and do a colorblocking look. Also work a print with some red/pink will make it easier for you. 

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With a Check Pattern

As the pastel pink has such a retro vibe to it, it’s actually a good idea to pair it with a check pattern. More specifically, a classic check pattern such as the gingham or checkerboard style! Combining this style of pattern with pink will create a retro vibe! It’s a great idea to go for a black/white check pattern and let pink be the complementary element. Such a great way of playing with a more historical, retro fashion. The 60s is calling!

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With Pastels

A foolproof way of wearing pink is to pair it with other pastels! It doesn’t really matter what style of pastel you go for, as all pastels are more or less a good match with each other. My personal favorites are pairing a pastel pink with a baby blue or a lavender color. You can add some white or denim blue if you want to neutralize the outfit! 

Folks! How do you wear pink 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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    1. I’m glad you like them! It’s such a cute color indeed. And yes, adore the second look! Xx

    1. I love this too! Definitely need to wear more pink this spring! Xx

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