How To Wear Pastels 2020

Going for pastels is such a beautiful way of embracing color for spring and summer! With its bright, soft, style the pastels are reflecting a sophisticated summer style. There are different things to think about when styling pastels. For this summer, it’s also a fun idea to pair the pastels with this year’s trends! 

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Pastels 2020

With More Pastels – I’ve said it before, but can definitely say it again: working pastels with pastels is a really cute idea! It’s definitely a colorful statement, but a fun way of being creative with colors during summer. Baby pink with lavender is a bubbly duo, mint green with baby blue is sophisticated, peach with baby yellow is warm and sunny! To avoid an overload of sweetness though, a good idea is to go one color for clothes and the second pastel as accessories! Like a baby pink dress with lavender shoes!

With Neutrals – You can also work your pastels with neutrals. White, grey and beige are probably the neutrals that match the best. Pairing your pastel with a neutral can make the sweet style less distinct and more mature. If you’re unsure about pastels but want to try, I suggest going for a neutral as a main color and let the pastel be a detail. You can even paint your nails in a pastel color and you’ll still have some of the effect! 

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With Prints – If you want to make the pastels more interesting, one idea is to pair them with a print. Especially floral prints are a nice match with the pastels. The duo definitely embraces the vibe of spring and summer. Going for a geometric pattern is also an alternative, especially a pattern such as gingham is fashionable with pastels. The latter is definitely true if the gingham pattern has a pastel color or two!

With Intense Colors – If you want to intensify the pastels, pair them with their darker counterparts. Pairing baby pink with red is an intense, but chic, match. Forest green and mint green is another reliable combination. Going for peach and orange is a trendy style for summer 2020. It’s quite easy to recreate this as you take a pastel you have and pair it with the darker color and you’re pretty much done. 

With Denim – A really wearable way you can wear a pastel color is with denim. The blue hue of denim, as well as the material itself, is neutral and will “calm down” the popping qualities of pastels. Especially darker denim is a calming balance to the pastels, but brighter shades of denim blue is also nice. You can definitely add some pastel color to your white denim if you own any! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the pastels 2020? How are you working the colors? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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4 thoughts on “How To Wear Pastels 2020

  1. I love pastels! Actually it is one of my resolutions for this year since I noticed that my wardrobe was ruled by neutral tones, Europeans in this side tend to wear less color than other countries, but then I realized that my soul calls for colors and pastels seems like the right tone!

    Actually I am obsessed with many proposals in pastels by Lazy Oaf, I’ll tell you if I get something in lilac or in soft blue for summer 🙂 !

    1. That’s the vibe though! Pastels are so good with the neutrals though so I’m sure you’ll be good to go with whatever. Yes to embracing the colorful life! Xx

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