How To Wear Hot Pink 2022

Pink is a favorite color of many, and rightfully so! It’s full of sweetness, fierceness and fashion in general. One shade in specific that’s fun to work is the hot pink. Here’s how to wear hot pink 2022: 

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Hot Pink 2022

With White

White is always a great complement to colors! Doesn’t really matter if it’s an olive green, a peach or a hot pink – white knows how to do the work. The contrast between white and a hot pink is surely quite intense, but it’s also crispy and fresh for summer. Lovely idea to work anything white and choose pink for accessory. You can also work anything hot pink of course and let white be the secondary color. 

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With Red

Red is an intense shade, and when paired with the intense pink, it’s just a fashionable statement! It doesn’t really matter how you mix and match these two as all the combinations works. I love the idea of colorblocking an outfit with a classic red and hot pink. For instance go for all red at top and hot pink for bottom. White can be a superb third color, but also an orange or a sporty green!

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With Baby Pink

And to keep things more monochromatic, definitely try hot pink with a baby pink. I mean, how lovely to go for an intense pink look for summer. Again, doesn’t really matter how you work these two but a superb idea is to let the baby pink be in focus if you prefer to keep things more neutral. Go for a bold dark pink lip and nails for a nice touch. 

Folks! How are you gonna work hot pink 2022? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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4 thoughts on “How To Wear Hot Pink 2022

  1. Hey Mia, how’s everything on your side?! I hope you’re having a nice spring season 🙂

    And thanks for your latest comment on my spring on budget post, maybe you could do a post about fashion and picnic ;)!

    And about the topic of the day I’ve been obsessed with hot pink since the last Valentino show and I just saw a suit in Zara in this specific tone! I’d love to get it and try some of the combinations that you listed here. My favorite is probably the one mixing pink + red 😉


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