How To Wear Boots for Spring

Boots might not be your typical choice of shoes for spring, but they are surprisingly useful! Especially for the transitional period, they’re a fun partner with any pastel of spring. Here’s how to wear boots for spring! 

Boots for Spring

Pair it With Bright Clothes

The best way to work boots for spring, if you want to create that effortless chic look, is to pair the boots with some bright clothes. I’m talking about sweet pastels, primary colors and neon. Especially pastels are a popular choice for spring and in combination with boots, they create a fun contrasting effect. Boots with white jeans or light blue jeans can also be really chic. 

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Add Soft Materials

Another thing to focus on is to go for soft materials. Pair your boots with soft silk skirts or tulle dresses for a fun effect. Also pants done in a refined style are gorgeous with some edgy boots. Perfect if you can match your skirt/dress/pants with your boots,  but if not, the classic good ol’ black boots are a perfect match. If you own boots in white or beige, they’ll give a more sophisticated impression. 

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Patterned Life

Boots with anything pattern is also a good idea! For instance, a pair of patterned pants with some cool boots will give you that “effortlessly stylish” look. Or how about a floral dress with your go-to boots? The idea is that the fun style of the pattern will be balanced by the edgy look of the boots. Perfect if your boots have a higher shaft and you pair them with maxi/midi dresses or skirt for a smooth effect. Then you can skip that awkward gap between shoes and the hemline of the dress/skirt. 

Folks! How do you wear your boots for spring? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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2 thoughts on “How To Wear Boots for Spring

  1. Hey Mia, I hope you’re enjoying Spring as much as possible 🙂

    You’re totally right, sometimes we forget that a good pair of boots could be a perfect ally for the transitional season. And as I always say you can get the most creative combinations in this time of the year.

    I just love that you went out of the rule and you are proposing. Mixing them with soft neutral materials is ideal, but if you want to go beyond there’s an option to add pattern to the situation making interesting combinations.

    I adore the last look, it has a lot of vintage vibes that make me wanna travel to the 70s!!

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂


  2. I love all of this inspiration, especially with the bright colors! It’s still a bit chilly here so adding boots will help with warmth and look fabulous too!

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