How To Turn Trends Into Style

There’s a subtle yet obvious hypocrisy in talking about trends but promoting a slow fashion. Can’t keep up with the trends and not buy temporary pieces, right? But I always find my ways to compromise and get the best of both worlds (lol, that’s what I tell myself at least). Here’s how to turn trends into style:

How To Turn Trends Into Style | The Fashion Folks

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Pick pieces that’ll last longer

I’m not necessarily talking about quality (though obviously you should buy pieces of quality), but more about pieces that will last from a style perspective.  If you have a clothing piece that is insanely style sensitive, try to find a clothing piece with fewer details of trends. For instance, if you have a red floral blouse with ruffles and statement sleeves, a red floral blouse with only statement sleeves will likely last longer. Why? Well, often, a trendy look isn’t based on one style but several trends combined. That is what makes a contemporary look, several trendy details combined. I mean, the leather jacket has been trending for years. But a few years ago it was done in a biker style with studs, now it’s oftenly done slightly oversized and with embroidery.

If you therefore step away from the complete trend look and just embrace some of the trends, or only one, it’s likely to work in a five year run too. A black basic blouse with statement sleeves compared to a black blouse with statement sleeves and embroidery and also ruffles? You get me. Another aspect to remember is also the fact that some style elements are almost always in style and others are being revived every now and then. I’m not going to write a full list on what elements are style safe, but here are some main ideas on how you can choose more timeless from the current trends:

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Choose Timeless

A checked oversized blazer – I’d say a defined check blazer is equally trendy and more timeless. That means, skip the oversized size. Or pick a black blazer in an oversized style and skip the check pattern. Choose wisely.

Red – Red is a classic color so I’d say you’re pretty safe with whatever you choose. What to think about though is to buy red pieces that are sans crazily specific trend details. Like, the red sock boots might be stylish and everything but won’t be in style in a few seasons. A pair of red Chelsea boots are more likely to remain in style as they’re more classic. 

Black Pointy Patent Leather Boots – These boots are quite specific but have been trending for quite some time. The black boots themselves are quite timeless but the patent leather material and the pointy style makes the boots a bit more trend sensitive. If you still want one of those styles I say the point style is more timeless and will feel nice and up to date in five years too. A point pair of black boots? Why not!

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Pick Pieces You’d Wear Anyways

I know this one is difficult to determine as our minds are highly influenced by the current trends. I mean, you love the oversized statement sleeves going blouse going embroidered going red today, but you probably wouldn’t like it 10 years ago or 5 years ahead from now. That’s how the trend cycle goes. It was only until recently “we” thought the 1980s or early 00s were ugly decades of style (just kidding, the early 00s is still a joke). So that’s why you enjoy today’s trends. The key thing here is to try to stay neutral about it. Think about pieces that are NOT that trend specific. If culottes are trending again, perhaps pick them in a classic navy blue style. If floral prints are trending, a knee long dress is never wrong!

See it this way; If a print is trending, go for it in a classic clothing piece. If a specific clothing piece is trending, go for it in a neutral color or print. The idea behind? Contrast the trends with neutrality. That way you’ll have one foot in the trend world but one foot in the classic world. Kind of cheesy, but oh so true!

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Learn how to style timelessly

If you are stuck with trendy pieces (we all are) the next step is to learn how to style them timelessly. As talked about previously, learning how to balance and contrast is key. Meet the trendy style with neutrality. That means, if you’re working patent leather tights add a classic black blazer or a LWD to keep it classic. If you want to do it in a foolproof way, go for a classic outfit and make it pop with one trendy piece.

Another way is to take the clothing piece and see how you can balance it. Where lies the trend statement? Is it in the color, print, silhouette or something else? If it’s in the color, neutralize it with matching shades. A print? Neutralize it with non-print pieces. If it’s in the silhouette, tone it down to make it more classic! You get me. Take the statement and make it more timeless by going neutral.

Folks! How do you turn trends into style? How do you keep your clothing pieces alive as long as possible? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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48 thoughts on “How To Turn Trends Into Style

  1. Absolutely LOVE this – now convinced we have the same mind, because I’ve been thinking along these lines lately too. Some trends are totally irresistible, but nobody wants a wardrobe full of stuff they won’t wear. Your points are so useful, particularly keeping timeless, classic styles in mind. When choosing ‘trending’ pieces, I try to keep in mind whether they can be worn in a multitude of places or not, that tends to help a fair bit too! Fab post, as always!!

    1. Hahah damn Gabrielle, so might be the case! Or just two brilliant minds of fashion for sure haha! That’s a great way to go on about it, just to keep it balanced! Xx

  2. These are such great tips and turning trends into style, but also getting more wear from your pieces! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tips. I always try to splurge on pieces I’ll wear for more than a few seasons and then for trends, I spend a lot less. I particularly love that all red is “trendy” right now since the color is so timeless, anyways. 🙂 Trying to find a couple of key classic pieces to add back into my wardrobe this season as well. Fingers crossed. lol


    1. So happy red is trending too! It’s a trend to rely on for sure. Just keeping it classic! Xx

  4. Ugh, sometimes I get all crazy about certain trends, but then I figure out that they are not there to stay. Loved embroidery a lot last year and now it’s not that popular anymore. Anyways, learnt my lesson, and yes, you are right! Can never go wrong with timeless pieces, like an oversize checked blazer or some red pieces ;). Wishing you a great week ahead. xx


    1. Hahah that’s kind of the downside of it though, isn’t it?! A timeless piece is what will last though, I mean, obviously! Xx

  5. This is such smart advice, I love it! I’m on a pretty tight budget, so I always hesitate to buy too many trendy items. I love the idea of doing a trendy print but in a classic piece, or a trendy piece in a neutral color. So smart!!

  6. You always have the best tips!! I love to buy pieces that are not on trend and will not be forgotten next year and I still have clothes from 5-10 years ago that are classic pieces and I love them!! I have no intention to throw them away anytime soon! x


    1. Oh thank you love! Investing in classic pieces is the best way to it though, timelessness needs to be embraced more often! Xx

  7. Thanks for sharing all these tips. I think it’s a good idea to go with what you’d be interested in wearing anyway, and not JUST because it’s a current trend.


  8. Styling is everything, and picking out timeless pieces, of course. Personally, I make sure I’m stocked with basics, and then I let myself pick out fun patterns and textures (trends) that I know fit in with my own style, and have/will for awhile. I suppose knowing your own style is important as well.

    Have a lovely new week Mia!

    1. Oh same here honestly. A good base and then let’s take it from there. And that’s probably the trick, knowing your own style can take some time to figure out! Xx

    1. Oh definitely, but still wouldn’t be possible without the “foundation” of a good style. That’s how I see it at least! Xx

  9. What an incredibly helpful and relevant post, with so many awesome trends happening at the moment. I agree, there ARE ways to make a trendy piece appear more timeless. I’ve done so myself and the way I’ve managed to hold on to them for so long without looking dated is using the approaches you’ve mentioned here, like forgoing so many details in the piece and styling it with neutrals or casual/basic pieces. Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having a very Happy Monday so far!


    1. Thank you Jalisa!! So happy you enjoyed it. We’ve already stated that great fashion minds thinks alike, but might as well do it again, right?! Xx

  10. I totally agree with you, don’t overdo your style. Timeless pieces can be worn over and over again. Although sometimes I can’t resist to by those it-pieces that will only be trending for one season lol. Have a great day

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    1. Yes, there has to be a good balance between style and some pops of trends. Trends do keep things interesting in a way style can’t! Xx

    1. Hahah but yes though, progress is better than no progress or what they say. Happy you liked the post Quinn! Xx

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