How To Style Your Crop Top Fall 2020

Crop tops are usually a piece for summer, but they can be worn for fall too with the right styling. Knowing how to style pieces all year around will make your clothes more multifunctional and you’ll have more styling opportunities. Here’s how to style your crop top fall 2020: 

Crop Top Fall 2020

With High-Waisted Skirts

One of the easiest ways of working the crop tops is to pair them with high-waisted skirts. This will make them more wearable as you won’t have to deal with the gap between the cropped top and the pants/skirts. I think this combination is extra chic for fall 2020 as there are plenty of trendy and useful skirts out there atm. Knitted skirts, satin skirts and midi denim skirts are some examples of skirts done in a high-waisted style. Pair your crop top with a matching skirt, and frame the outfit with either a cropped jacket or a longer jacket. Could be chic to go for a cropped top with a denim skirt and a shorter shearling jacket! 

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Over Fitted Dresses

If you own a fitted dress and a crop top, try and pair the two together. The layered look will create a more interesting outfit and at the same time you’ll have a more cohesive outfit with the dress making up for the majority of the outfit. The dress doesn’t have to be fitted all the way, but a fitted upper part will also be easy to work with a crop top. If your dress is patterned, pick up a color of the pattern with your crop top or the other way around. 

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With Transparent Pieces

If you’re working a transparent top, such as a shirt or a t-shirt, wear your crop top under. This will only work if your crop top is more tight, but is a great way of making transparent pieces more wearable. You could also, if you own a more loose cropped top, layer it over the transparent piece. In general, it’s a chic idea to layer cropped tops over loose shirts for a fun, contrasted, look. 

Folks! How are you wearing the crop top fall 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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  1. Hello Mia, hope you’re having a nice month so far!

    Don’t you think it is funny that this piece supposed to be an informal option for casual summer days and now it is everywhere? Even in haute couture proposals or in street style during all year?

    I really like that these proposals are focused on fall looks… maybe you can think that crop top during cold months could be tricky to style, but this is the proof that everything can be possible with a little bit of creativity!


    1. Hahah yeah, it’s actually such a weird trend. Definitely more suitable for warmer weather, but it works for fall too indeed with some styling tricks! Xx

  2. Thankyou for your tips. They are really very good. Will surely use them in this fall season . great work and content . Keep going.

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