How To Style the Statement Blazer 2022

Folks! The blazer is a reliable clothing for spring 2022. Especially blazers that are more statement, such as patterned ones or blazers done in leather. Here’s an article on how to style the statement blazer 2022: 

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Statement Blazer 2022

Balance It

One way to work the statement blazer is to balance it. By balancing the piece, you’ll have a more wearable outfit as the blazer will “blend in” better with the rest of your clothes. You can balance the statement blazer by adding more statement details. For instance, a zebra blazer and neon pink shoes will complement each other. Or a brown leather blazer with an orange leather bag will also balance each other. Simply put, add more statements to make the outfit more neutral. 

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Match It

It’s also a good idea to match the blazer. For instance, if your blazer is a dove blue: add more pieces you have in dove blue. Or if it’s patterned, add a similar pattern for a stylish effect. You can also add accessories that reflect one of the colors/some of the colors of the patterned blazer. I also love the idea of going for matching pants or skirt to make the outfit more cohesive. 

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Let it Shine

Or just let the statement be a statement! You make this happen by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral. For instance, if you have an orange blazer, keep the rest of your outfit white or beige. Or if the blazer is patterned, make sure your pants are sans pattern. It’s quite easy to pull off an outfit with only one statement. It’s like the outfit is already good to-go as you don’t need to fuss too much with the styling. 

Folks! Do you own a statement blazer 2022? And how do you wear it? Xx

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One thought on “How To Style the Statement Blazer 2022

  1. Hey Mia, I hope you’re having a good Spring season!

    If I had to choose one piece for Spring that would be the blazer! Seriously I can get enough blazers (I only have 3) but I am looking forward to get a new one and add it to my collection 🙂 I feel that you can have a white t-shirt and then you can add a blazer and jeans and you have a whole fantastic look.

    But of course we can always take our blazer to the next level and these ideas are fantastic to upgrade our outfits *_* I feel that I need to get all the blazers you listed in this post!

    Take care!

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