How To Style the Romantic Dress 2021

One of my favorite wardrobe staples is the romantic dress. I’m talking about the voluminous dress, often done in a pastel color and sometimes in a floral pattern. It just has that sweet, lightweight, vibe to it. Here’s how to style the romantic dress 2021! 

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Romantic Dress 2021

With White

I’ve always been a fan of working white with both pastels and floral patterns. Going for white sneakers with a romantic dress is a superb idea. Going for white details, such as white nails and jewellery also works perfectly! If you think white is too much of a contrast, try a beige or a light grey. Kind of a similar effect. 

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With Denim

Adding something denim to your romantic dress is also a fashionable idea. A denim jacket is definitely the most stylish one, but if you’re bold, perhaps a pair of 70s jeans could do? The denim will balance the preppy side of the romantic dress and make it more wearable. 

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With Sneakers

If you own a pair of  white sneakers, as suggested above, any type of sneakers will actually do. Doesn’t matter if it’s more neutral or chunky; it will balance the romantic dress perfectly. Love the idea of going for a pair of sneakers that matches the color of your dress perfectly. Or even better, if your dress is in white – go for a colorful pair of sneakers! 

Folks! How do you style the romantic dress 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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6 thoughts on “How To Style the Romantic Dress 2021

  1. Hello Mia, I am happy to see new blog posts on The Fashion Folks and let me tell you that it is nice that you had a long breaks, getting time to rest is always necessary in order to have new ideas 🙂 not only to have more physical energy.

    Now talking about the topic of the day these dresses are like a dream, the first one looks like a cloud and the others with prints are also magical, lovely to see that you posted options for both personalities. The cool idea about these fluffly romantic dresses is that there are many options to style them, you can even go for a casual sporty options like the two lasts proposals: with a denim jacket or with sneakers 😉


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