How To Style the Denim Shorts 2020

So denim shorts are a must for summer! They’re practical, quite comfortable and fun to style. As denim is a timeless material, the denim shorts are often quite classic in their appearance too. Especially high-waisted denim shorts have become a beloved wardrobe staple. Here’s how to style the denim shorts 2020:

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Denim Shorts 2020

With Puffy Blouses

One way to work the denim shorts 2020 are with the puffy blouses. There’s just something really chic with the voluminous blouses and the casual look of shorts. I suggest tucking in a part of your blouse in the front, or all the way around, to make it more casual. As the blouse is puffy though, be sure to add some height to your outfit, which means that you should go for neat shoes, high heels or shoes close to your skin tone. Another thing to keep in mind is that the puffy blouses often has puffy sleeves, which is why it can be nice with your hair up. Perhaps one of these hairdos?

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With Crop Tops

The denim shorts are also great with crop tops, especially the high-waisted style! In general, crop tops are a perfect match with anything high-waisted, as it creates a good balance in the silhouette. It doesn’t really matter the style of the crop top, both preppy and casual ones will definitely work. If you don’t own a crop top but want the same effect, tuck in your top/t-shirt and you’re not far from a crop top look! 

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With Cardigans

One cozy way to work the denim shorts is with a cardigan. The much beloved clothing piece is making a big come back this year, read more here, which is why now is the time to seize the opportunity. The knitted style of the cardigan will complement the denim of the shorts. Love the idea of working a cropped cardigan with denim shorts and button the cardigan in the front! Another alternative is to work this outfit with a simple t-shirt or a cami top. 

Folks! How are you working the denim shorts 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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6 thoughts on “How To Style the Denim Shorts 2020

    1. Same here! So happy to hear that you like the styling alternatives! Xx

  1. Hello Mia, are you enjoying this odd and strange summer? I hope so 🙂

    I find particularly rare to wear denim in summer, since this fabric is thick and heavy, but of course you can always save the situation with some shorts! The idea of pairing it with puffy blouses to make contrast between the pieces is great, since the denim shorts are almost like a canvas and a “discreet” piece it is important to add some drama to the situation right?

    Stay safe!

    1. So true! All about adding the dramatic life to basic pieces. It’s what makes fashion fun. Also, yeah, not a fun of denim in the summer but denim shorts sort of works! Xx

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