How To Style the Blazer for Summer

I just found a very chic blazer secondhand, which got me thinking that maybe summer is not the best season for blazers and I should wait for fall. But impatient as I can be, I did indeed decided that now can be the right time to wear it. It’s all about the styling. 

Blazer for Summer

Over the LBD

The LBD is a timeless clothing piece and almost everyone owns at least one. If you want to dress up your LBD, it’s chic to work it with a blazer. You can make it more glam by having the blazer resting on your shoulders, but also try button it up for a more dimensional look. You can match the color of your blazer with your accessories for a cohesive outfit. 

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With Shorts

Blazer with shorts is absolutely doable! Even denim shorts can look chic with a blazer, especially if you keep the accessories clean and stylish. For instance, a black blazer with a white t-shirt and high-waisted jeans shorts is a superb look. You can also go for longer shorts with a tucked in blouse for a more trendy, but retro, look. 

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Wide Pants

I do think blazers are very chic with wide pants, such as palazzo pants. They add structure to the flowy pants, and make them appear more formal too. I would do the top and the palazzo pants in the same color and then add the blazer as the final layer. You can also button up your blazer and let it work as a second top. 

Folks! How are you styling the blazer for summer 2022? Share your tips in the comments below! Xx

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One thought on “How To Style the Blazer for Summer

  1. Hey Mia,

    Good to hear that you found a nice secondhand blazer. Thirft shops are the best places to keep fashion sustainable and when you find a blazer with the right fit…. well, love story 🙂

    Thanks for these ideas, some of them could work for my style, like the option with wide pants. The idea of mixing the blazer with some shorts in the same tone is also good.

    Unfortunately here is too hot and super humid to wear a blazer, but waiting for October to hug my beloved blazers once again 🙂


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