How To Style Spring Colors 2022

Folks! I know, it’s a cliché that spring is the season for colorful clothes; but it’s the way it is. After a fall and winter season of more dove and neutral clothes, many of us are longing for vibrant, energetic, styles. Here’s how to style spring colors 2022! 

Spring Colors 2022


Lavender is a gorgeous color! It adds a nice delicacy to any outfit. I love lavender with bright neutrals such as white, bright grey and beige. It also works well with a darker brown. Lavender is also a chic match with neons such as neon blue, pink and orange! Lavender with a classic denim is also a great option. 

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Baby Yellow

Baby yellow is another stunning color! Perfect for spring with its lightness. I enjoy baby yellow with more intense shades of yellow as well as orange. A baby yellow can also work with a more intense pink. The light shade also goes well with classic denim, so try anything baby yellow and jeans/denim jacket. And oh, I like baby yellow with anything green. 

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Mint Green

As for mint green it’s a color that works perfect with white. It creates a fresh crispiness. Mint green is also nice with orange, and lavender. Perhaps the most stylish thing though is to work mint green with shades of blue, both darker and lighter. Also try this color with darker green. 

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Baby Pink

Don’t we all love a good baby pink? Oh yes we do! Baby pink is a match indeed with intense shades such as red, dark purple and neon pink. It’s also an adorable color with grey and white neutrals. Baby pink also work well with other pastels such as lavender and dove blue. 

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Dove Blue

And speaking of dove blue, this might be the most wearable pastel there is. Pair it with a navy blue for a timeless look. Add it to anything grey, beige or white. It’s also superb with anything lavender or darker purple. Dove blue is also gorgeous with an intense red or orange.

Folks! How do you style spring colors 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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