How To Style Pastel Yellow Spring 2022

Isn’t pastel yellow one of the cutest colors ever? Okey, maybe not ever, but it’s a cute color indeed. The pastel yellow spring 2022 is all about that sweet, glossy, retro life. It might not be the easiest color to style, but I got you covered! Here’s how to style pastel yellow spring 2022:

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Pastel Yellow Spring 2022

Add More Pastels

Pastels with pastels is always a good idea if you ask me. They all kind of blend together perfectly, so it doesn’t really matter which pastel you pair with yellow. I think a subtle mint green is a nice and earthy complement, whilst a baby blue is more luxe and chic. You can also try pastel yellow with more pastel yellow for a fun monochromatic look. Break it off with some white for a more wearable look.

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Go For Purple

If you want to challenge yourself, try a pastel yellow with anything purple! The duo is perhaps not the easiest to pull off, but give it a try with whatever you have at home and see if it works. I suggest you try and keep the colors around yellow and purple only, but add some white if you want to neutralize the look a bit.  

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Anything Orange

Orange is another superb idea with a pastel yellow. Orange will add another intensity to the pastel yellow, and embrace that sweet summer life. A darker orange is perfect if you want to make pastel yellow more mature, but a more peachy shade is also an alternative.

Folks! How do you style pastel yellow spring 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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