How To Style Orange 2022

Orange is a fun color! It’s a perfect alternative to the classic red, as it’s less intense but still a vibe. There are plenty of ways of styling orange and making the vibrant color more wearable. Here’s an article on how to style orange 2022:

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Orange 2022

With Beige/Brown

Styling orange with either beige or brown is of course a must! Although orange works with other neutrals such as white and grey, it’s definitely peaking with a warm beige or retro brown. As beige/brown are warm neutrals, they complement the warm tone of orange perfectly. Love the idea of wearing an orange dress with beige sandals this year. Or why not a brown look top to toe and orange bag to break it off? So many possibilities! 

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Denim is always a good idea for spring/summer, and one way to make the classic material more fun is definitely to add some orange. The neutral style of denim is a superb complement to the energy of orange. Perfect to go for some classic jeans and an orange top. Or why not a good ol’ denim jacket with an orange bag? Also love the 90s vibe with an oversized denim jacket and some orange shades! 

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Hot Pink

If you want to make orange more popping, pair it with a hot pink! There’s something with orange and pink together that just creates magic. The two are an intense duo, but in the best way. It’s like a monochromatic look, but with the contrasts of two different, but similar, colors. Mix and match this however you’d like! And oh if you don’t want to go down the pink road, try yellow or red instead!

Folks! How do you style orange 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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