How To Style Jackets Spring 2022

Jackets for spring is a fun idea no? I mean, the fall and winter jackets are probably superior, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect spring jackets. They are often more simple in their style, perhaps colorful too, but even more so, done in either leather or denim. Trench coats are also a popular choice for spring. Jackets spring 2022 are mainly about the casual shackets though. Here’s how to style jackets spring 2022!

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Jackets Spring 2022

Midi Coat

The midi coat is definitely a reliable piece for colder spring days! You can frame your outfits easily with a midi coat, but also add a layer. If you own a patterned or colorful midi coat, I suggest you embrace it for spring. Or make your outfit interesting with a beret, or a nice scarf or colorful sunglasses. The midi coat is also gorgeous with midi skirts and midi dresses for a cohesive look. 

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Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is a spring staple, for sure! It adds that fresh, light, look to any outfit. It’s a superb match with floral dresses and scarfs for spring. It works well with a simple white t-shirt and leather pants combo. The denim jacket is also stylish to layer up with a classic hoodie or a sweater. It’s an all-around piece, undoubtedly. I’d focus on pairing it with leather, knitwear and semi-transparent pieces. 

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Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket is indeed a warmer clothing piece, but it’s perfect for the transitional fashion! If you wear an outfit with a sheer blouse or dress, instead of layering up with sweaters and cardigans, just go for the sheer clothing piece and a really warm jacket. The contrast between the preppy piece and the sporty jacket is also a fashionable one. The puffer jacket also works favourably with jeans and sneakers, which are a must for spring. Stylish to match your puffer jacket with your beanie or perhaps match it with your shoes? Make it pop! 

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The shacket is a “new” clothing piece that emerged 1-2 years ago. The shacket is a mix of a shirt and a jacket, hence the name. I did a full trend alert on the shacket here, so read that article for more ideas. But in general, I think the shacket works the best when it’s paired with sporty/casual clothes. For instance, a simple white t-shirt, a hoodie, a knitted sweater or a basic top that matches the color(s) of the pattern is a great idea. A matching tights and top set can also work with a shacket! A pair of jeans and sneakers will make it really casual, so you can try and mix it up with some leather leggings and leather boots. 

Folks! How do you style your jackets spring 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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4 thoughts on “How To Style Jackets Spring 2022

  1. Hey Mia, how are you? I hope you’re having a good week so far!

    That’s why I love spring! Jackets are easy to style and you can have some mid-weather jackets that are lighter than heavy coats. Despite the fact that we still have a few cold days in March and even in April. My favorites are the denim jacket and the shacket, but I would love to try all the options listed above! And you could also add the leather jacket to the equation and the possibilities are endless with this one 😉

    I have to style my denim jacket with a hoodie just as you recommended us in this article 😉

    PS: Thanks for the note on my latest blog post about Emily in Paris!!


    1. Hey Pablo! Sorry for late reply.

      Yes, the spring jackets are definitely something else. Like, only a few weeks when they make sense to be worn. But yes, love both the denim jacket and the shacket. I love the comfy fit of a shacket and how easy they are to style.

      Sending you all the spring glow! Xx

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