How To Style Bags 2021

It’s about time we discuss bags. Yup, just how to style bags in general, what to think about and how to make them work for you. Bags often have the power to make or break an outfit, and it all comes down to how you style it. With this said though, it’s quite easy to get it right if you keep these “rules” in your mind. There are of course more things to styling bags, but let’s start here! 

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How To Style Bags


The first thing to think about when choosing the bag for you outfit is whether you want to contrast the outfit or match it. If you have an outfit full of colors and details, you probably want to keep it neutral, which is done by choosing a bag in a color that matches your outfit. For example, this could be a black bag with a black outfit. Or a lavender bag to a pink coat. If your outfit is neutral (as in neutral colors, patterns, details etc), it’s a good idea to let your bag contrast the outfit. This means that you choose a bag that’s opposing the color/style/pattern. This could be a red bag to a white outfit or perhaps a leo bag to a black outfit. You get it. 

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Another thing you can think about is whether your outfit is sharp or soft. This might sound weird, but does your outfit consist of more fitted clothes with sharp edges or is it more flowy and soft? If your outfit consist of cigarette pants and a blazer, you might want to loosen it up a bit with a bag that’s softer and not with a distinct structure. If your outfit is more soft and flowy (perhaps a wide maxi dress), it can be favorable to go for a bag with a structure. Adding some symmetry to a flowy look will balance the vibe of the outfit and make it more wearable. Also, crossbody bags are often a good idea with more flowy and voluminous outfits. 

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You should also think about whether the bag is neutral or patterned. A patterned bag can be superb for print mixing, but it can also mess up the vibe of the outfit. A general rule is that if you work more than one print in the outfit, your bag should be neutral; unless the colors/pattern of your bag is matching with one of the outfit. You can also keep a pattern more neutral by matching it with the color of the bag. That is, if you work a floral pattern with pink in it, and you own a pink bag – work them together! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on how to style bags? What are your best styling hacks? Xx

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  1. Wonderful tips!
    Knowing how to style a bag is so important! People often forget about this and just grab the one they used the previous day…
    have a great week,

    1. So true! If you own multiple bags, you can surely make the most out of it by matching it with your outfit. It’s a nice and simple way of making your outfits a bit more styled! Xx

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