How To Style 3 Difficult Trends 2022

Folks! With the 90s fashion and the 70s, let’s include the early 00s too, today’s trends are not the easiest to style. They are less about that timeless wearability and more about the current vibe. But fret not if you’re curious about trying one of the new trends but don’t know how to work it, cause here’s an article on how to style three difficult trends 2022: 

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3 Difficult Trends 2022

Bright Colors

Although bright colors per se might not be too difficult to style, they can be overwhelming if you don’t know a few tricks. Especially neon shades can be complicated, with the statement of neon yellow, green, orange, pink etc. The best way to work a neon, if you want to keep it simple, is to pair it with neutrals such as denim blue, white, grey, brown and beige. Black works too, but the contrast can be too intense. If you want to level up the statement, try the neon with matching pastels. For instance, a neon green with a mint green. Or a neon blue with a mint blue. You can also pair the neon together.

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Bold Retro Prints

Both prints from the 90s and 70s are trending right now, and both decades had their fair share of statement prints. The best way to work a bold retro print is either to match it or to neutralize it. You match it easily by choosing colors that are matching or complementing the colors of the print. You can also add clothes with a similar vibe. For instance, a big 70s paisley blouse with flared jeans is a matchy combination. You can also neutralize it by adding neutral colors, or materials such as denim and leather. 

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Crop Tops

The crop tops are definitely trendy this year and even more so for summer. I think crop tops works the best with high-waisted clothing pieces such as a high-waisted skirts or pants. If you want to work it with low-waisted items, I suggest going for a longer jacket or cardigan to frame the outfit and make it more cohesive. Crop tops can also be stylish to layer over dresses and shirts, depending on what kind of crop top you own. Also love the idea of working a crop top with matching pants/skirts. Sets are always reliable!

Folks! How are you working these trends 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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  1. Ah yes these can be difficult trends to pull off for sure.For neon yes toning down with neutrals you can also start slow and do pops of it with accessories or shoes. And crop tops if paired with high waist bottom pieces I am for it, otherwise not so much.

    Allie of

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