How To Recycle Your Wardrobe

As a counterpart to Black Friday (did a post on online shopping here), I thought to we should talk about recycling today. Truth to be told is that the world needs less of new consumption and more recycling and second hand. I know that people aren’t too keen on clothes that have already been worn before (need to work on changing that mindset though, including me), but perhaps one way to start is to recycle your own wardrobe. Here’s a post on how to recycle your wardrobe, or perhaps a more catchy phrase: shop your own closet!

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Recycle Your Wardrobe

Put Away Clothes

The first step to recycling your wardrobe is to put away clothes you haven’t worn in a long time. These are clothes you love enough not to give away, but clothes you’re tired of. By putting them away for awhile, like in a box or a drawer – you give yourself a chance to love the piece again. It can be putting away a beloved navy blue sweater for a few months and start using it again when summer arrives. I suggest that you should at least put away 10 – 15 clothing pieces and set a reminder or write a note to go through the box in four months or so. The clothing pieces you haven’t thought about at all after four months, or aren’t excited to see, are probably pieces that are better off in someone else’s wardrobe.

One way to start this process, and do so in a natural way, is to do it seasonal. Put away your lightweight summer clothes for fall/winter so you’ll get a chance to feel refreshed when you see them for the first time after six months. When you see your clothing pieces that’s been away for months, you’ll most likely either be excited (congrats) or not (donate or give away). So take an hour or so, go through your wardrobe thoroughly and collect the clothes you’re tired of/haven’t used in awhile. This is a great chance of challenging yourself of not wearing your favorite cardigan four days/week. Recycle and stay creative!

Change the Structure of your Wardrobe

Speaking of our brains, another way to change up the perception is to redecorate your wardrobe. Rotate where your clothes are hanging. Perhaps sort after color, style or texture. The clothes that are on top in a pile could be stocked under, perhaps your blouses needs to be in front and not hide behind your dresses. This trick is simply about viewing your clothes in a new way and thereby feel inspired to wear them again. The brain easily gets used to something, so by changing things up  – your wardrobe will hopefully feel new and inspiring again. Simply recycle what you already got! It’s really easy to trick the brain here and just change the spot of a few pieces if you’re really lazy!

Recycle Your WardobePhoto by Laura Mitulla on Unsplash

Ask For a Second Opinion

One of the most fun, but bold, way of doing fashion is to ask others for their opinion. This can be used when recycling your wardrobe as another person views your wardrobe differently. Let a friend, or someone whose style you like, view your wardrobe and clothes. Perhaps that person will think the grey cardigan you’ve never worn will be brilliant with that blouse, those pants and that scarf – outfit combinations you’ve never thought of! Your outfit alternatives will expand and more clothes you already own will be used. Your brain will be challenged in creative ways as someone will share how they view colors/prints/clothes. It’s a way of bonding over fashion and making the most out of your wardrobe without spending anything!

Folks! Do you have any ideas on how to recycle your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments!

18 thoughts on “How To Recycle Your Wardrobe

  1. Goodness knows recycling a wardrobe is SO necessary. I was really good about giving pieces away and then fell off the bandwagon – I’ve got to get back on! Definitely went a little crazy during cyber week with the online shopping – needed this inspo, Mia! xx

    1. Yessss so important to do that! Helps so much having a refreshed look on your wardrobe! Xx

  2. Hey Mia, these are such useful tips, right now I’m going trough a phase where I’m only buying what I need, trying to adapt trends to my existing wardrobe, I’m also trying to buy better quality whenever I can, this is not always possible but at least I’m trying to get the best of my clothes and accessories as much as I can 😀

    Thanks for sharing this kind of content, I feel like it is something important to promote, since we have all the media telling us all the time to buy-buy-buy but it is not the most sustainable thing.


    1. That’s really great Pablo! I’m definitely more concious about my purchases these days too, so important to live a more sustainable and thoughtful life!! Xx

    1. It does indeed! And so easy to do it by just replacing a few items with older ones! Xx

  3. Ooh asking for a second opinion could be a risky way to go about things…. and yet I’m tempted! What a good idea; a way of seeing how you look from another person’s perspective 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend babe! x

    1. Right? It’s a bit risky but can be fun and definitely expand your comfort zone and how your view your clothes! Xx

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