How To Put Together An Outfit

If there’s one subject in specific, regarding fashion, that I love – it’s the art of dressing (well hello obvious). I love the idea of pinning down a look to a perspective of fashion science. The science of color combinations, patterns, textures, silhouette, scale and all things relevant. So I have, and will continue to write endless of posts about this (because the subject is kind of infinite tbh). And as of today, here’s How To Put Together An Outfit!

How To Put Together An Outfit | The Fashion Folks

How To Put Together An Outfit

So there are inevitably several ways to do it and I like to approach them all. For today though, the focus is on the feeling. To dress like one feels like and choose clothes that are representative of the mood. Cause truth to be told is that there’s a lot of power to be reckoned within emphasizing one’s mood. Fashion can definitely be a reflection of your personality if you let it. Regardless of which, your outfit ought to tell you a lot about you, if only so for the specific day. So how to go on about it?

Key Idea Behind

The principle behind of picking clothes is to begin with questions. General questions to ask are: What is my intention with the outfit? What am I feeling? Is there a dress code? What message do I want to send? What do I want to reflect today? If you’re gonna dress after what you’re feeling, you should of course ask yourself; What am I feeling today? If you’re feeling happy, perhaps a bright color will emphasis on the mood? If you’re feeling powerful, a well defined blazer will get you even further. The key here is to acknowledge what pieces you have in your wardrobe that puts you in a specific mood. If you think it feels ridiculous to dress after one’s mood, well, I invite you to join the unpretentious side of the fashion life – it’s (fun)tastic!

And pssst! As for the mood/feelings that are on the down side, the idea is not to dress in all black. No, on days where you’re feeling blue, those are the days you need your favorite dress/sweater/color the most. I mean, if you can’t put on a happy face, at least the clothes will ease a bit!

Pick One Piece

So after you know what you’re feeling. Pick the one piece you are most specific to incorporate in your outfit. This is the piece you’ll build the rest of the outfit around. And no, it doesn’t matter if it’s only a necklace, scarf or a random colored pair of tights – you can style them easily too. After you’ve decided on the piece, there are more questions to be asked (if you’re feeling a bit ambivalent, I most sincerely hear your anxiety. It can take ages for me to decide on an outfit).

Questions to ask are questions that will pair the rest of the clothes/pieces in the outfit to the one you’ve picked. What color do I want to pair it with? What silhouette do I want to embrace? What’s the statement of the outfit, the monochrome look or the textures? When you know the answers to these, you pick the clothes/items that match what you want.

Adjust accordingly

When you have all the pieces you need, put them on and see what the result is like. I’ve always believed in the final step as the step where you make or break your outfit. When you try on your outfit for the first time, you have to analyze it. See what might be missing, see if you should change a piece. Make sure that your outfit is representative of what your feeling. Analyze if there’s anything you can do better. Sit in your outfit, walk around in it. Make sure that it suits you in the best way possible for that day. If there’s something that’s wrong – adjust accordingly! After that, you are more than ready to go out and embrace the day in  your very fierce outfit!

Folks! How do you put together an outfit? What do you like to think about? Xx

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42 thoughts on “How To Put Together An Outfit

  1. I usually think about how I want to feel or where I’m going. Then I pick clothes that will either make me feel that way or are appropriate for wherever I’m headed. I also try to have a little fun!


    Violet Roots || Instagram

  2. The idea of fashion science is fascinating to me. The possibilities really are endless. I’ve never really thought about the process of picking out an outfit, so I’ll probably be paying more attention to that in the future. This is another lovely, interesting read!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Mia!

  3. These are great tips. One does not realize how much mood affects how you dress that day. Sometimes you just can’t deal with styling yourself, but then you realize that fashion can be a great pick me up. When you look good, you feel good, right?

    xx Yasmin

  4. These are all really great starting points for putting together an outfit! It’s been so cold lately that the weather has become the motivating factor in how I dress (a million layers LOL), but I’ll have to start thinking about these things, too.

    Kathryn •

  5. I couldn’t agree more with all you’ve mentioned here. I tend to have a bold and quirky (so I’ve been told, haha) personality, which is often reflected in the way I dress. I tend to reach for patterns and bold colors more than solids and neutrals and when I do reach for them, I always find myself incorporating a wildcard to keep things interesting and…me! On days when I’m feeling blah, I challenge myself to put together a fun and stylish outfit because it makes me feel much better and inspires me; the way we dress can have such a profound affect on how we feel, it’s quite amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your tips and thoughts with us, beautiful, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!



    1. The way you write, you surely do seem to have a quirky personality and it definitely shows in your outfits – which I love! And so true that there’s so much power within clothes and dressing to empower! Hope you had a lovely one babe! Xx

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