How To Mix Prints 2022

Mixing prints is, as many of you already know, one of my favorite subjects to talk about. Of course the basic principles of how to mix prints remains the same, but as fashion evolves; it’s important to tweak the details and find new ways to mix prints. This article is therefore, all about how to mix prints 2022!

Mix Prints 2022

Same Colors

One of my favorite ways to mix prints is to go for prints in the same color. Or at least similar colors! For instance, if a print is done in red, pink and orange; it’s chic to work it with a print in pink and orange. This will create a smooth interaction between the prints, and give you a cohesive outfit. Make sure at least two colors in your prints are in common, but one color in common works too! Patterned pants with a lot of blue in it, will still match a patterned blouse with a subtle blue! 

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Big & Small

Another way to mix prints is to work a bigger print with a small one. Or the other way around of course. This works well, as a print done in a larger scale will become a neutral opponent to a more fuzzy small-sized print. For instance, if you work a maxi dress with big florals, you can perfectly add a leopard bag! A dress done in a small pattern will be framed nicely with a coat done in a big pattern. I still think though it can be a good idea that the prints have a color in common, or the shape of the pattern or just something that ties them together. Especially if you’re going to work two clothing pieces. 

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Same Vibe

You can also go for prints in the same vibe! This means that if you own a 60s print, you can work it with another 60s print. Or same of course goes for any other decade, style or vibe. Florals often go well together, same for geometric patterns and animal ones. If a print feels preppy, it’s probably a match with another preppy print. Try and you’ll see what works for you!

Folks! How do you mix prints 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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