How To Match Patterns With Patterns

  Yes folks, this is a tricky one indeed – but oh boy – when you know the hacks, there is nothing but fun to play around with prints and patterns. When the outcome is on point; the matching often marks the statement of an outfit (which seldom requires accesories!). Another pro of mastering the art is that an outfit require less effort when you get hold of it as the contrast between two patterns often is enough for an outfit.

So what should you keep in mind when combining patterns with patterns? Well, we’ve numbered it down to some useful hacks:

  1. Keep them in the same scale. This one is essential, as you’ll already have a lot going on with two patterns in one outfit, it’s important that how to match patterns with patterns (2)they’re in the same color scale. Or make sure that all colors kind of goes with one another. If this one doesn’t go right, it’s a risk that’ll look messy! 
  2. Large and small. A print with a small pattern won’t steal the attention of a piece with a large pattern and vice versa. Small flowers with large ones? A perfect combo we think! 
  3. Similar patterns. If the two pieces are similar in the pattern, the outcome is often an interesting outfit that is a total go! Go with dots and dots, or geometric. Perhaps two floral ones?

  4. Pro – Tip: Having a third piece in a neutral color, will “smooth” the effect out and keep the balance right. Perhaps a blazer, cardigan or a tee?

how to match patterns with patterns

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