How To Embrace the Holiday Vibe 2020

I wrote an article earlier on how to embrace the holiday vibe 2020, but I think we all need more of that this year – so here we go again! Here’s how to embrace the holiday vibe 2020: 

Holiday Vibe 2020

Paint Your Nails

One really easy thing to do is to paint your nails in a vibrant color. It doesn’t have to be a typical holiday color but why not seize the glam life of this month? A red, green, gold, silver, copper, midnight blue or even beige will do. You could also try a fun pattern or motif if you have time to be extra creative! 

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Wear Something Sparkly

Although many of us are spending most of our time at home right now, who says you can’t dress up? It’s all about bringing the glam mood to your life! Wearing something sparkly is one easy way of getting yourself in the glam holiday mood. Why not schedule a date night at home and make the most of it? Either with yourself, some friends over zoom or the people/person you’re living with? Dress up and feel the holiday magic! 

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Add Red

Well, I did write an entire article on how to wear red this winter, so of course it has to be on this list too! Adding red to your life this December is such an easy way of reflecting the holiday vibe. You can also go for something metallic or choose something from the jewellery shades. If you want to add red however, make sure to pair it with anything white, green or gold for the ultimate holiday experience! 

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Cozy Up

It’s also a great idea to just cozy up with lots of layers and cozy fabrics this year. Love the idea of wearing a chunky oversized sweater, or why not a faux fur coat? The idea is to wear all the clothes that are cozy, comfortable and reflects the current chill mood. Perfect time to wear your knitted set, or just some leggings and an oversized hood if you’re chilling at home! 

Folks! How do you embrace the Holiday vibe 2020? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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    1. That’s great!! I painted my nails in gold haha, that definitely added a luxe vibe! Xx

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