How To Elevate Your Style 2022

Folks! January and February are all about setting the tone for the rest of the year no? I wrote this article about styling 2022 and also this one. In this article though, I’d like to speak more generally about how you can elevate your style this year, and make fashion easier. Here’s how to elevate your style 2022: 

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Elevate Your Style 2022

A New Style Challenge Every Week

A style challenge is nothing more complicated than a specific fashion theme for a week. For instance, it can be that you have to have a patterned piece in every outfit, or that you can’t wear black for a week. Forcing yourself to change your perspective about fashion, will lead to new ideas and a better understanding for your wardrobe and style. Definitely a great way to elevate your style. Find some ideas for style challenges in this post. 

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Let a Friend Style You

This one might be risky, but it can be a fun idea to let a friend style you. I mean, your friend who has a good sense of style – of course. Your friend will definitely view your wardrobe differently, and will see possibilities where you won’t. Tell your friend to dress you for the occasion you want, and see (hopefully) magic happen. If your friend suggests something that you dislike, just adjust to make it work for you. If this is still too scary for you, just let your friend choose one clothing piece from your wardrobe that you have to create an outfit around.

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Copy & Paste Outfits

Fair enough, maybe it isn’t fun to copy and paste an outfit with an identical result, but it’s a good start for inspiration. So next time you go on social media and see an outfit you really like, stop for a second and translate that outfit to your wardrobe. Find similar jeans, or a blazer or sneakers and make it work! It’s so easy to just scroll past a cute outfit and not maximize the opportunity of inspiration. Even better if you can save down your favorite outfits, set some time aside, and do 30 min of trying to recreate outfits. It’s a terrific way to learn more about styling, and about yourself! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on how to elevate your style 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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