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There are inevitably three ways you can dress by color: either in mix, scale or monochrome. The most common way is to mix different colors, another way is to go monochrome (like: hello all grey!). But the third way of styling color is to dress in scale. It’s fun, challenging and requires some effort, but the outcome is quite a fashionable one!  Folks? Here’s how to dress in scale! 

Warm and Cold Tones

Colors have a warm or a cool tone, so when matching in scale, the most flattering way of doing it is by sticking to the warmer or colder shades in the scale. Otherwise the warmer ones risk looking dirty and the colder ones risk looking plain. Deciding whether a color is cool or warm is actually highly individual and dependent on the dress in scalesituation. If the light in a room is warm the color of the clothing piece will look warm t0o, even though it might look more cool outside. Be sure to check the color combos in different lights to get a coherent look!


As we keep going on and on about contrasts when it comes to styling an outfit, of course it’s applicable here as well. Going for contrasts in your outfit adds life to it and can easily take an outfit from plain to lively. As for the how to dress in scale, pick the darker colors to go with the lighter ones! Add a third piece that’s a mix of both of them  to make the look a bit smoother. To avoid making the outfit look dull, a great tip is to use different textures to create an effect. A knitted sweater paired with same scale pants will keep the interest in the outfit.


Even though we’re talking about dressing in scale, we don’t count accessories to this one. Adding an accessory in a contrasting color will give the look that little extra. It could be a necklace, a scarf, a hat or a pair of shoes that makes an unexpected pop in the outfit. See Elena Perminova’s look below and how the black bow makes a statement!

40 thoughts on “How To Dress In Scale

  1. I love wearing plain clothes and add accessories. A statement necklace or big earrings always make an outfit more special.


  2. Amazing post. I usually forgot about using any scales just because I pick some stuff and it usually works ok 🙂

    1. It surely does, if you get it right the outcome is so chic and fashionable! If you have some time over it’s quite fun to pair pieces together and have a good outfit in store when you’re running out of ideas! Xx

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