How To Dress Colorful In The Winter

Folks, it’s unfortunately quite the common thing to dress in neutral colors during the winter months. Most common of them all are perhaps black and grey, that both are minimalistic and suits everyone. However, my job as owner of this site, I do think I at least should encourage people to dress colorful in the winter. You know, get the fashion love going!

How To Dress Colorful In The Winter | The Fashion Folks

Why You Should Dress Colorful In The Winter

Since winter wear tend to be more expensive and more of an investment, rather than just another fashion purchase, people tend to buy winter clothes in more basic shades. Nothing wrong with it, but it often means that people are dressed in dark colors several months of the year – rather dull I’d say! Cause, honestly speaking, isn’t it during the darkest month of the year we need colorful and fun clothing item the most? . So that’s why I’m a firm believer in adding color during the winter months. And pssst, as the holidays are up and coming, it’s a perfect time to add red/green or color in general to your outfit. Before getting to the tips, another psst is that you also can just wear whatever colors you want and embrace the colorful life hence the season! 

Ways To Dress Colorful

Invest in one colorful jacket

As stated above, it’s most common to have winter jackets in neutral colors as they tend to be expensive. But if you are already down with black, camel and grey, why not let your next investment be in a colorful shade? Perhaps red, pink or blue? Pick the color you love the most, or the one that suits you the most, and see the difference it makes. I always feel energized when wearing the best colors for me. It adds that extra glow to the outfit as the details are just in tune with one another. Faded colors, such as pastels, are also great for winter. They don’t make the same statement, but they still bring some nice color.

Colorful Accessories

Now, you don’t necessarily need to embrace the same palette that exists in the candy store, but adding some colorful details won’t hurt. If you wear your grey coat, add some colorful accessories that will make the outfit. How about burgundy gloves or a pink beanie? A little color is enough for the touch up! Read more here about the power of the accessories.

Keep the rest of the outfit colorful

Another way to do it is to keep the clothes, colorful. Contrasting colors by the clothes and the jacket is genius for creating some tension and excitement in the outfit. I’m sure you have some colorful jeans or pants laying around that works well with your selection of winter coats. If you’re unsure about colorful statement, the neutral jacket will balance the statement color of the pants. You can also do a colorful top and let it hint, a chic detail to rely one! Don’t be afraid to work color (or prints too for that matter), just because the weather is some degrees colder. Here are some fun ideas of color combinations to try!

As stated above, isn’t it color we need the most when fashion is the most dull? It is indeed folks! How do you dress colorful in the winter, or do you do it at all? Xx

56 thoughts on “How To Dress Colorful In The Winter

  1. So, personally, I feel like you know which camp I fall into. ;p I’m all about dark hues and all black outfits. I can’t help it! I did recently decide to venture out of my comfort zone and get some colorful pieces. My first “investment” color piece was a jacket. It’s perfectly complicated and despite being colorful and super busy it still somehow looks muted. I’m slowly trying to convert myself into a walking art canvas.

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  2. Ugh, YES. It gets so dark and depressing. Especially in a city where it’s trendy to be monochrome, sometimes I feel out of place adding a pop of colour, but I do feel like it instantly brightens my mood.


  3. I agree, the holidays are the perfect excuse to introduce some festive colors. I’m just getting into color myself (I think I’ve already told you that, whoops), so your timing is fantastic! I really need a statement coat lol.

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  4. I love colorful jackets in the winter, they’re such a fun statement piece! That being said, I definitely enjoy darker colors during this season. They just feel right for me!

    Kathryn •

  5. Lol, girl, I’m telling you, we are on the same wavelength!!!! Now, you know I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve mentioned in this post. Wearing color during the winter months is such a great way to brighten the mood and atmosphere; it really is the time of year we need to see color the most! I’ve actually read reports that stated people suffer most from depression during the winter months and I’m sure some of it is due to all the death we see around and seeing muted, dark colors all the time, I’m sure doesn’t help. Thanks so much for sharing your great tips and suggestions with us, gorgeous, and I hope you have the best week ahead!



    1. Ikr?! Hahah crazy, but so good though! And it is indeed, more colorful outfits and more happy people. I mean, color can mean so much both symbolic but also when it comes to improving the mood! There’s definitely a difference when wearing grey or orange if you ask me.

      You too love! Xx

  6. I’m definitely a believer of adding color to an outfit. I do like a good monochrome look here and there too, but I’ve never been a person that could just stick to black and white. I like the idea of adding a colorful coat or skirt, like that pleated pink skirt you’ve pictured above. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pleated skirt. I find them not very flattering and make you look wide. The one’s I’ve tried on at least.. lol. Okay this has gone off topic. Love your post as always and thanks for the really sweet comment you left on my last post. So happy I e-met you!

    1. Well I’m on a hunt too for the perfect pleated skirt haha. I have one in red, but the red is not deep enough for me to wear now if I’m going to be specific about it haha, which I am! I saw a pink pleated skirt on H&M the other day and I loved it, didn’t find one in my sized though but definitely got a chic vibe to it! WThank you love, you know I’m happy I’ve e-met you too, you’re golden and one of the sweetest persons I e-know. Haha letting the e-… coming! Xx

  7. What a great selection! I love colors so I wear colorful jumpers and dresses during autumn/winter time !! xx

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