H&M X Kenzo

So you’ve probably already heard the news, but if you haven’t: H&M’s design collab this year is no other than the celebrated brand Kenzo! And folks? We’re overly exicted regarding H&M X Kenzo!

H&M design collabs

H&M are behind a numerous of succesful design collabs, (kind of everyone since the beginning of the collaborations in 2004). Some our favorites are Matthew Williamson, Isabel Marant, Balmain and Alexander Wang. The collabs are a great way for more expensive brands to reach more customers through cheaper h&m x kenzoclothes, and the insane amount of buyers H&M reaches out to. And of course, the other way around it’s a great chance for people to expand their minds above average clothing, and have the chance to go high fashion!


So who are Kenzo and why are they given the chance? Well, Kenzo is a french fashion house by designer Kenzo Takada. Though Kenzo hasn’t been around as long as Chanel or Louis Vuitton, the 46 year old brand has established their position as a fashion house to count on! Kenzo is a popular brand amongst the street style profiles as their clothes are both edgy yet a bit more fashion than regular street style. The creative directors of the brand is Carol Lim and Humberto Leon.

H&M X Kenzo

So what can we expect from the budget brand and the high-end brand? Well, earlier years the result of the collaboration has been a compromise in the middle. By that said, the core of the brand’s aesthetic has remained the same, but to a lower price than the original. As Kenzo are kind of famous for their comfy chic style we can definitely expect some chic sweaters in there! Also vibrant colors, patterns and an edgy touch of street style would follow the identity of the company. We don’t know about you guys, but we definitely want a roaring tiger sweater, like yes please yes!

122 thoughts on “H&M X Kenzo

  1. I heard about this collab the other day and it sounds exciting. I like their usual cool vibe, but don’t own a lot from this label. Can’t wait to see the collections with H&M.


  2. It’s a pretty exciting collaboration and I can imagine it’ll repacked full with vibrant colours and strong designs!


    1. Compared with H&M’s normal prices it’ll be expensive, but cheap from Kenzo’s point of view! So definitely a matter of perspective, and people that love Kenzo will have a chance to purchase some of their items! Xx


  3. to be honest I’ve never bought anything from the collections H&M do with designers. even though they are creating cool designs most of the times, i still feel that the quality is not there. So for me it’s a bad value for ones. I have this view that I’d rather save money for a luxury piece rather then but lots that will last me through 10 washes max…
    But I love Kenzo, and i feel like the collection will be amazing because of the traditional Kenzo’s prints x
    Yukova by Yuliya Oleynykova

    1. You definitely have a point, the quality of the clothes is something they have to work on and improve! And it’s mad that something with a famous name increases in value but not in the product. It’s a hard balance between affordable fashion and good quality fashion! Xx


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