History Of The Mini Skirt

One of our favorite things to talk about when it comes to fashion, is liberating clothes for women. After centuries of corsets, crinolines and deforming dresses the change fashion has gone through the last 100 years is remarkable. One of our favorite clothing pieces is the well beloved mini skirt, folks, here’s the history of the mini skirt!

Fashion before the mini-skirt

The mini-skirt was introduced in the 1960’s. The skirt evolved from the 1950’s fashion that was heavily influenced by the 1947 collection The New Look from Christian Dior. The New Look was a manifest of luxury after the war years and a celebration of female curves, fabrics and classic style. By other words, a fashion that affected women’s mobility was back and women’s fashion was more of a display than appropriate for work and an equal place in society. From heavy skirts in the 1950’s to mini-skirt in the 1960’s, the fashion step was big yet liberating.

Story of the mini-skirt

In the 1960’s the fashion scene changed and here to stay was youthful fashion that was liberating and fashion law defying. Teenagers did no longer dress as their parents and  short lengths, crazy patterns and statement fashion were no longer forbidden. Somewhere between the optimism of the space age and the sparkling vibe of society the mini skirt was borned. Even though it got its breakthrough with fashion designer Mary Quant, André Courrèges is stated to be its creator. Quant nevertheless introduced it to mainstream fashion by stating that women could also run now.

Mini-skirt today

Since shorts lengths were accepted in fashion it’s been a constant feature. From the 1970’s hot pants to mini denim skirts of the 1990’s the mini fashion has its place in many fashionistas heart. During the course of 21th century fashion the mini skirt has evolved to including denim, ruffles, pleaded, a-line and any skirt model you can think of in mini size. Of course the trends have varied in high fashion status but nevertheless have they all been a statement of liberation. A symbol that’s as accurate then as now through the course of the history of the mini skirt. 


48 thoughts on “History Of The Mini Skirt

  1. Very interesting and insightful post, as always! I’m so thankful the women’s fashion has evolved to include more liberating styles. The clothing the women would wear decades ago were so dangerous, especially corsets! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



    1. Thank you love! Yes we have so much to thank the fashion evolution for, and especially the development during the 20th century, so many great things happened and our style is certainly a reflection of it! Xx


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