Highlights: Givenchy Spring 2020 Couture

What’s a better way to end January than with some magic couture? The couture week in Paris wrapped up last week and it was quite many stylish, dreamy and artsy collections. One favorite of mine was undoubtedly Givenchy Spring 2020 Couture. 

Givenchy Spring 2020 Couture

Purple Volume

This playful 1980s’ creation manages to be smooth and statement at the same time. I love the depth of the purple/blue shade. How the color is slightly changing from top to toe, but is still coherent. The subtle emphasis on the shoulder pads is well done too. Love the bouncy skirt and how it adds life to the dress. The purple shoes are also a chic match with the rest of the outfit. 

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White Florals

So I don’t know when or where I’d wear this dress, but I want it. There’s something dreamy with 3D florals in general and even more dreamy when done in white. Love that the dress itself is pretty neutral in its style, but is done more magical with the 3D florals. I love that the flowers themselves are done in a more delicate style, adding to a more dreamy and fragile expression. This dress with red nails and red lips would be a gorgeous match! 

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Glam Blazer

From white floral dreams to business glam, this creation is both timeless and unusual. The blazer dress is so chic with its tailored style and clean silhouette. The shoulders are nicely framed, the hips too and the length of the “main part” is just perfect. What makes this dress more interesting is the skirt that elongates the blazer and adds a more formal, evening look. Love the mermaid style the two in combination creates and the width of the skirt. The model’s styling with neutral makeup and hair is genius!

Folks! Which one of these looks from Givenchy Spring 2020 couture is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! And have a lovely weekend, Xx

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18 thoughts on “Highlights: Givenchy Spring 2020 Couture

  1. I love that purple look so much! Purple isn’t typically my thing, I’m very picky when it comes to it. It has to be a particular shade for a piece and has to go with the cut and design. Are you like that with colors? It may sound weird, but that’s how I am with certain colors whereas with others, I’ll just by whatever in that color because it’s more versatile for me. Anyway, it doesn’t look costume-y at all, even though it’s head-to-toe purple. Not to mention it looks fab on the model, too. I also love that tux dress, so unique!


    1. I’m definitely like that with colors! I think some associations to certain colors just stick and then it’s difficult to get rid of. Like that dark purple for instance, I’d never wear it as a simple blazer. It would look too outdated for me! Xx

  2. Nice selection of looks Mia! All of them are so romantic and they are bringing all the drama that we like to see on Haute Couture shows right? Actually I feel that Givenchy is putting a lot of effort in many of their new proposals, hope they find that unique change they’re looking for to break the fashion scene!

    Purple one is definitely my favorite 😉

    1. They are indeed! Love the dreamy, romantic style of the looks. And yes, I’m sure they’ll keep on developing under Waight Keller! Xx

  3. I’m with you–that white dress!! It is so gorgeous. Although that black blazer look is sleek and pretty too, and I do love some purple!

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