Highlights From the Fashion Weeks February 2021

I must admit that I have been quite slow with catching up on the fashion weeks. But it’s not entirely my fault. This pandemic has messed up the schedules of the fashion weeks, so collections have been dropped irregularly for the past months. ANYWAY, here’s part three of the highlights fashion weeks February 2021. Find part 1 here and part 2 here. The looks I picked for this round are more wearable than previous ones, which is great as you can recreate these looks more easily. 

Balmain Fall 2021

I love the attitude in this Balmain look! It has that casual chic vibe to it, but with the power of the futuristic sunglasses and oversized earrings. I’m not usually a fan of layering skirts over pants, but this look works well with the matching colors, plus the cut of the skirt. I love also the oversized sweater, embodying a very chic nautical style. The red shoes and bag complements the blue tones of the outfit perfectly. Love this! 

Courtsey of Balmain

Stella McCartney Fall 2021

How fun isn’t this 80s look? I’ve stated it before, and I’m going to state it again: matching knitted sets are so good! I love how the loose sleeves of the top reflects the mermaid-silhouette of the skirt. The matching turtleneck reflects a superb layering choice too. The chunky boots might not be the best ones I’ve seen, but I love the idea of going for a pair of chunky boots like this! If you own a knitted set, you got to try this look. A pair of kitten heels could be nice for the spring life! 

Courtsey of Stella McCartney

Celine Fall 2021

Lastly we have this fall look, and I say that with a big emphasize on FALL look. Such a classic look with the black jeans, the high black boots, the check patterned blazer and the brown bag! This outfit definitely has that British aristocratic country vibe to it. Some would argue and say it’s more French, but I’d say it’s an infusion of them both. That casual French style people often talk about and the British aristocratic country life, have a lot in common. Anyway, I think there’s a blouse under the blazer, which balances the outfit perfectly. This is what fashion comes down to, finding a balance between different elements. A classic blazer with a more soft blouse is such a good one. 

Folks! Do you have a favorite from these collections? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

Courtsey of Celine

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