Highlights From The Fashion Weeks February 2019 – Part 2

Continuing from last week, here’s a part two on the highlights from the fashion weeks! I’ve said it before and but I’ll say it again: it’s difficult to create a collection that’s perfected from start to finish. It’s much “easier” getting one outfit really well done from a collection of 40 looks. That’s probably why I have so many individual looks I’m fond of compared to only a few collections. I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy a collection that’s not perfected, of course not, but there’s a difference being head over heels and just appreciative. So if I can be a bit spoiled today, I’d like to talk about these really, really, good looks from the fashion weeks February 2019!

Highlights February 2019

Stella McCartney Fall 2019

So black is never wrong for fall. It’s practical, it’s edgy and it adds a lot of attitude. So is definitely the case for this black coat from Stella McCartney. I love the midi length, I love the mix of wool and leather and I love the high collar. Such a great example of how a look can be done in a wearable way but with statement details (the leather, the high collar). Love the choice of shoes too, such a good way of boots!

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Michael Kors Fall 2019

If the 1970s are gonna make a comeback, this is how I want it to look like. Volume, metallic, fringe and party! This look from Michael Kors is well made on so many different levels. To start with, the choice of color is magical. I love the monochromatic style as you know and this outfit shows how chic it is to go for the same color in two contrasting textures (the jacket and the dress). Love the styling of the hair, the tights and the shoes that all emphasizes the 1970s glamorous vibe!

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Valentino Fall 2019

From statement glam to subtle elegance though, here’s a very lovely dress from Valentino. I just love the simplicity in this dress but how it’s made interesting with the maxi look and the fabric. The color feels calm in the context and the whole look comes off as rather delicate. I think the natural fall of the fabric also enhances this feeling in a favorable way. Would love this dress with a low bun and a pair of statement earrings!

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Marc Jacobs Fall 2019

Let’s talk more about volume though as this creation from Marc Jacobs is anything but subtle. I adore how the fabric has been cut to give a featherish effect. It underlines the lively polka dot pattern in a very entertaining and interesting way. The puffy sleeves also feels right with the voluminous dress. Love the beret with its feathers and the metallic boots. Such a great styling that adds the it-factor to the look. It’s not wearable at all but fashion is allowed to be dreamy and impractical every now and then!

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Ulla Johnson Fall 2019

I’ve always had a soft heart for clothing pieces in a tanned leather material. It’s just something so timeless and chic about them. This dress is no exception with its draped details, statement sleeves and high collar element. I think it’s wearable both from its midi perspective but also for the color and the material. Such a stylish dress, and warm one, to embrace for fall too! Love the styling with the same colored boots and the fun yellow bag. So good!

Folks! Which one of these looks from the highlights February 2019 is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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  1. Sometimes I connect more with a look instead of a collection, too. I agree with what you said! You picked some great looks to feature!

  2. Ooh I love that gorgeous Michael Kors! You’re so right that those textures are perfection together, and the monochrome makes it all the more glam I think.

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