Highlights From The Fashion Weeks February 2018

Folks! I talked about it earlier in my articles from the fashion weeks, but there were so many brilliant, individual, looks from the collections this year. I thought I’d highlight some of these looks and also explain why I think they’re something extra. And yes, I’ve focused on different styles too, going for the edge, romance, boho vibe etc! Here are some highlights from the fashion weeks February 2018: 

Highlights From The Fashion Weeks February 2018

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Highlights From The Fashion Weeks February 2018

Erdem FW18

I praised the British label in my article on LFW and included some looks too, however I think the  brand’s fall collection deserves even more recognition! This look below in specific is a gem and representative for the rest of the collection with its British, refined, aristocratic yet deconstructed fashion vibe. It’s elegance with a bit of an edge. I love the floral brocade and how it’s justified with the blazer and skirt set. The slits of the skirt gives the outfit a nice flow. The dots are a favorable and an unexpected twist to the floral pattern, a bit artsy but fun and approachable. Not too sure about the shoes, but I’ll leave it at that. Overall, a fun twist of the classic office wear.

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Givenchy FW18

I think this outfit from Givenchy is a great example of how classic items can live on forever and ever through tweaks of details and interpretations. This trench coat gone cape and shirt is a stylish demonstration of the classic item. Love how it’s contrasted with the black patent leather too, as well as the boots, which gives the sand color a nice edge. There’s surely a lot of volume in the outfit but it’s balanced with the sans details approach and the straight lines in the center of the look. A stylish outfit to be inspired by when you want to add your own twist to a classic outfit!

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Prabal Gurung FW18

If you recognize this outfit it’s probably because Jason Wu did a similar one a year ago when he went for the same fabric and created an equally gorgeous dress. I think that this dress is lovely with the humble 1940s vibe and star quality with the golden velvet fabric. I wasn’t too sure about the choice of shoes back then and I’m honestly not too sure about the choice this time either.  I understand why you want to contrast the flowy fabric but I think the black boots are not doing it justice. I’d instead go for a pair of shoes in a matching shade and focus on contrasting the outfit with an edgy clutch. Other than that though, doesn’t this creation just shiiiiine?

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Dolce & Gabbana FW18

Yes, I know, I’ve already included this look on TFF and did so recently. But I think it’s too good not to include again and talk more about. The floral pantsuit set from D&G shows in a favorable way how structured pieces can feel elegant and look luxurious. The bright pink, the floral print and the embellishment balances the outfit in a chic way. I also think that the white bow is a refreshing contrast with the more natural and untouched style. The colorful lips also helps to balance all the pink as well as intensifying it. I think the choice of shoes are great too as it looks like they’re a part of the clothes which is a great styling tip to take after if you want to create an outfit that looks more coherent!

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Emilia Wickstead FW18

There might be some obvious Zac Posen vibes over this one (or is it just me?), but I love this look for the balance of the simple elegance. Do you agree with me if I say that it’s sort of reminiscent of a sky full of stars, how cheesy that might sound? Well, the balance of the print, the intense dark color, the transparent fabric and the structure of the dress creates a wonderful, elegant and wearable dress. Love the 1940s vibe and the different layers of the creation. I would perhaps go for gold as the second color of the outfit, but pink is fine enough. Above all though, I’d love to attend a cocktail party in this creation!

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Prada FW18

Miuccia Prada should have all the cred in the world for never staying same and always exploring new ways of fashion. This season’s Prada collection was fresh, innovative, fun to watch and kind of all over the place too. Not overwhelmingly wearable but undoubtedly embodied an energetic and eclectic idea. I think parts of this outfit are great as there’s a nice mix of colors, prints and volume. I enjoy the pink/orange/black/white colors in one as they feel classic yet bold. The print mix is great, as the two prints shares colors but are different enough to clash which is a forceful statement. Perhaps the randomly placed pink tulle is not something for the everyday style, but works for the sake of the runway though I’d love pink to be included in a more wearable way. Perhaps a pair of pink shoes or tights? Bold and kind of crazy but fun!

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Balmain FW18

Another outfit of energy is this one from Balmain. The dress with its black and yellow combo is a fierce one and quite contemporary with the match of the OTK boots. I like the pattern of the dress which creates a dress (is it a subtle Chanel vibe perhaps?). A nice and artsy statement that yet feels likable as the lines are simple and the style of the dress easy to work. Btw, this combo of a short dress and OTK boots were done quite often this season on the runway so it might definitely be a fashion trend that will continue this fall too, though I didn’t include it in my fashion trends fall 2018 article! Anyways, love the simplicity of this outfit with the simple dress and a insanely chic pair of OTK boots!

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Ulla Johnson FW18

Say hello to the 1970s because this denim overall is everything I’ve ever wanted and I didn’t even know it. The structured style of this denim piece is well contrasted with the voluminous sleeves which is fashion magic if you ask me. Feels like this style of clothing piece, with the balance of structure and flow, gives a perfect platform for the denim fabric to receive love. Haha, well I know at least that I felt like I need to work more denim when I saw this, lol! I love the yellow bag too and also the shoes which adds nice pops of colors to the outfit. Kind of feels like an outfit for a relaxed garden party and that honestly sums up the entire vibe of Ulla Johnson’s collections!

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Oscar de la Renta FW18

Another outfit I’ve already talked about here is this dream from Oscar de la Renta. After seeing so many collections this season, I might even state that this dress is the best LBD of the entire fashion month. There’s a melancholic, yet optimistic, feeling in the dress with the balance of the black fabric and colorful flowers. Not to mention the delicate fabric the dress is made of, which balances the dark fabric  in a pure and refined way. I realize I’ve complained a lot about the choice of shoes in this article, but I think the choice of these pointy black shoes are absolutely genius. Love that they’re flat too as it makes the dress feel a bit more informal. This whole look is just a dream, isn’t it?


Folks! Do you agree with these highlights of the fashion weeks February 2018? Which look is your favorite and why? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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38 thoughts on “Highlights From The Fashion Weeks February 2018

  1. Loved this little review! I totally agree with Givenchy, the collection was very inspiring. Whereas I was not that impressed by Dolce & Gabbana because it was nothing really new – in my opinion. But I liked to read about your point of view!
    xx, Carmen – https://carmitive.com

    1. Haha no you’re definitely right, D&G keeps doing the same thingh. Though I kind of like the style they have going on, I agree that it’s time for something new! Xx

  2. interesting outfits! i wonder what 2018 trends would actually be. anyway, just dropping by to say hello all the way from Southeast Asia! I hope you can drop by my blog too and follow if you like. 🙂

    xoxo, rae

    1. I’ve done a few articles on that earlier, but a lot of the 80s, bold colors, pantsuits and purple is to be expected! Xx

  3. Ooh that Oscar de la Renta dress really is dreamy. And so is the yellow velvet one from Prabal Gurung!! Gorgeous.

  4. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m now in need of a statement pant suit, but this post has not only nudged me again, it’s shoved me, lol! I absolutely LOVE both the Erdem and D&G (no surprise with this one because I’m such a huge fan of the brand). Pant suits can often look stiff and stuffy, but when done in bold colors and gorgeous feminine prints like the ones shared here, it really ups the ante and makes it more stylish and approachable. I absolutely LOVE that velvet dress and love your idea on how you’d style it with the clutch, which I agree would’ve worked better. I know I’ve been saying this for years now, but you need to either be front row at these shows or behind the scenes styling, you have such an eye, girl! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pieces from the collections and I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far!



    1. Hahah well what are you waiting for then?! I expect to see a stylish pantsuit outfit very soon on your blog 😉 Well thank you love, that warms my heart. Your support means so much to me! Xx

    1. They do though, same as Chanel is doing. And I agree that it’s about time to see something more new and unexpected! Xx

  5. Mia, you always keep me up to date! I loved reading through all of this – so much inspo for workwear. I am obsessed the idea of deconstructing classic looks. And that pink pantsuit?! Intensely gorgeous. Now I need to figure out how I can wear this to the office 😉 Happy Wednesday, love!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

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