Highlights From the Fashion Weeks Fall 2019

I’ve lost count of how many times I wrote during the fashion weeks that I wanted to talk about some specific look – which I promised to turn into a post of its own! I think it’s always valuable to go back and go through collections I’ve enjoyed. To deconstruct the outfit and understand why I find it brilliant. In this article I’ve gathered some of my best looks from the fashion weeks fall 2019. It might be a part two, eventually – but I’ve done my best to squeeze in many looks without it getting bored. Anyhow, here’s some really stylish looks from the fashion weeks: 

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Fashion Weeks Fall 2019

Alexander McQueen Spring 2020

AMQ is one of those brands you know will deliver. They’ve found a reliable aesthetic that’s wearable, gothic romanticism and high fashion at the same time. As I’m a person who loves to play with contrast when it comes to styling, AMQ is extra interesting as they’re often playing with soft textures and edgy materials. This look is no exception with the delicate white lace dress and the sharp black belt that defines the silhouette. Both the materials and the colors are opposites, which makes the look powerful! Love the black boots too, they create a more cohesive look. 

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Erdem Spring 2020

The British label Erdem has presented some really interesting looks the past seasons. Although their spring 2020 collection was not a favorite of mine, I do love the presence of historicism in the collection. The voluminous, layered, fabric of this dress is really chic. The choice of a metallic green done as the pattern, is a nice contrast to the deeper background color. Love how the hat is emphasizing both the colors and the print. The pink tie around the neck is a genius styling move. The pink shade infuses a favorable energy to the outfit. 

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Saint Laurent Spring 2020

Saint Laurent has always been brilliant at the smokey 1970s style, which is a look that’s close to the brand’s history. What I like about this glam pantsuit look is ofc the luxe style of the sequins. I think the subtle striped pattern is a stylish detail as it adds some structure to the sequins. What might be the star of the outfit though is the transparent shirt under. It’s bold, sexy, yet sophisticated and refined. Also love how the high waisted style creates a more interesting, trendy, silhouette. 

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Flying Solo Spring 2020

And as we’re already talking about sequins. How cute isn’t this pink sequin dress from Flying Solo? It also has a distinct presence of a 1970s fashion with the A-silhouette, the length of the dress as well as the high neckline with a bow tie. I think this dress would be a genius choice for any cocktail party or upcoming holiday. I love how the top with the bow tie is more soft, whilst the pleated style of the skirt frames the dress with some edge. 

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Celine Spring 2020

No wonder Celine got a lot of attention on social media this season, as they included a classic look like this! I don’t even know where to start with this outfit because everything is so simple, yet so perfect. The denim on denim look is done in a subtle, wearable way. Love how the navy blue blazer adds a more preppy tone to the casual look. The brown belt and bag are a perfect combination with the blue. I think a pair of brown boots would’ve been an obvious choice to the outfit, but that’s why I love the white sneakers even more. The outfit is the embodiment of casual chic! Undoubtedly a classic 1970s look done in a contemporary context. 

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Valentino Spring 2020

No. It’s true. I still haven’t forgotten about Valentino Spring 2020. I still think it’s one of the best collection the label has done in years and it was definitely one of the best collections of the season. It was a pleasurable mix of classic Valentino, modern colors, lovely prints and wearable dresses. I can hardly pick a favorite, so make sure to read the full review of my favorites in this article. For today’s purpose though, I’d love to highlight the dress below. It’s so delicate and edgy at the same time. The transparent fabric is beautifully composed with the metallic jungle print. I love the maxi length, that gives the dress its full effect. Love the loose silhouette and the exaggerated sleeves too, they add to the confidence of the dress. Just, so so chic! 

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Max Mara Spring 2020

A more wearable look though, is this one from Max Mara. I love the subtle 1940s style of the matching set, with a structured jacket and matching pants. The choice of a camel color and brown accessories, are trendy for fall. I also love the makeup of the dark lips. The whole vibe of the outfit though is perhaps what I like the most. It has some attitude with the preppy office style, but a more soft tone with the petite shoes and classic handbag. Random detail, but I also love the style of the pockets. Chic with the oversized style and definitely makes the jacket more interesting. 

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Richard Quinn Spring 2020

Okey, but I wanna move in and live in this creation from Richard Quinn Spring 2020. I’m not even sure if it’s a coat with a dress under, or just a whole piece – but I nevertheless love it! The floral pattern is loud and interesting. The voluminous sleeves and the matching gloves are adding an authoritative style. Also love the maxi style which makes the look more dramatic and fashionable. I for sure wish that it was more normative to walk around in creations like this and ehrm – that they were more practical too! 

Folks! Do you have a favorite from these highlights from the fashion weeks fall 2019? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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15 thoughts on “Highlights From the Fashion Weeks Fall 2019

  1. Really good picks, Mia!

    McQueen will always have a place in my heart, even he’s not here I feel that the team in his label is going through the right direction. And I am quite surprised about Celine without the é, I’m still sad about Phoebe Philo but at least I see a tiny light at the end of the road.

  2. What is not to love here?! My best friend is wedding planning, so AMQ’s playing with feminine textures is right up my alley. Max Mara has to be my favorite – look at how striking that dark lip is? I am tempted to wear dark lipstick to all holiday events coming up. Happy Thursday, Mia!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

    1. Oh how exciting with a wedding!! AMQ did so good with that dress. And yes, a dark lip is apparently a must for the festive season! Xx

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