Highlights From The Fashion Weeks Fall 2018 – Part 2

It’s time for part two of the highlights series (catch the first article here). As always, I’ve tried to highlight different styles, but I do admit that this article will center around a more preppy, refined look. Nothing wrong with that though, we all need some inspiration on how we can step up or fashion game every now and then!

Highlights From The Fashion Weeks Fall 2018 Part 2

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Fashion Weeks Fall 2018 Part 2

Fendi Spring 2019

I have a soft spot for the transparent trend that is happening at the moment, or more specifically; transparent jackets. I think it’s something terribly chic with framing an outfit with a see-through jacket, it adds a fun layer of material without interfering the color scheme.  This is the case with the look from Fendi Spring 2019. The outfit is packed and done as it is, but gets a nice layer with the transparent jacket. Even better as the hemlines of the jacket comes in a tan color, which works really nice with the brown color of the skirt and crispy white of the blouse. Talk about business chic! The double collar of the blouse and the jacket is an interesting detail too as they complement each other, framing different parts of the neck. The white bag relates to the white top and I appreciate the effort of breaking off the cohesive colors with purple shoes – but I think a Klein blue would be more interesting. Perhaps even a pair of boots instead of the pumps!

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Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2019

Next up is the garden party that this outfit from D&G truly is! I mean look at the skirt, the shoes, the bag, the blouse and that hat! All items relate to all things garden, in color, texture, style and overall appearance. The bag and the shoes might not be that wearable, but I do think the green skirt is pretty relatable? Talk about bringing the statement skirts to the next level. I could see the skirt done with a simple white t-shirt, a tan colored leather moto jacket, or why not a knitted sweater in pink? The floral top connects well with the skirt, sharing the green colors. I think the red lipstick is essential for giving the outfit that pop with red and break of the darker mood of the black and green. The combination of scarf, hat and sunnies also shows that you can go for all three elements without it getting too much!

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Prada Spring 2019

I have a soft spot for a contemporary 1960s look, especially then it’s in a Twiggy mode. First of all, let’s break down the colors. The black, grey and white are classic for a preppy look and pearly beige and yellow contrasts nicely. Secondly, let’s talk about the geometrical shapes in the outfit. The round hats, the A-line silhouette, the pointy shoes, the round necklace, the pointy collar, the squared décolletage – it all balances really well. There are a lot of different lines, but as they’re kept in symmetry they give that outfit the edge! Especially the pointy shoes that sharpens up the look. Lastly, I’m obsessed with how the colors of the lips matches the color of the hat. Can it be more detailed? Probably not. Can it be more pretty? Nope!

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Alexander McQueen Spring 2019

Leave it to Alexander McQueen to keeping the dark, gothic, melancholic, romantic vibe alive year after year. I would probably be more annoyed with the lack of aesthetic development if it weren’t for the fact that the AMQ does the style so good. This leather red floral dress is definitely peak though. I adore the highly structured style of the bodice, the sleeves and the skirt.  It resembles to plate armour, giving an empowered and forceful look. The styling department should have cred for sticking with the red floral print for the bag and shoes/socks too as it creates an awkward, yet interesting look. The hair and the layered jewelries enhances a gothic look, which works pretty well. Don’t know when one would wear a creation like this, but give me a fancy party and I’ll show up!


Folks! Which one of these looks from the highlights of the fashion weeks fall 2018 part 2 is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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18 thoughts on “Highlights From The Fashion Weeks Fall 2018 – Part 2

  1. Everytime after a Fashion Week I have a struggle to pick my favorites, but same as you, I think Fendi and Prada are those brands with such a strong proposal that sooner or later you’ll find in low cost stores, editorials and across all the media. I feel like lately Fendi is getting a revival and they’re risking even more (compared to Chanel and is curious that Karl is managing both houses).

    1. Right? Fendi is bringing something new every now and then whilst Chanel still feels pretty much like….Chanel. But I wish Fendi would stop with all the fur/leather use! Xx

  2. How had I not seen this transparent mac from Fendi?! This is literally the first I’ve seen of it and I’m dyyyyyyiiiiinnngggg – SO perfect! Gah, I always love visiting your blog babe 🙂

    aglassofice.com x

  3. I love that all your picks have such great details and are also so different from each other. I think Prada’s look is my favorite here although I am surprised by how much I like the Fendi jacket!

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