Highlights from the Fashion Weeks 2021 – Part 1

As much as I love to review entire collections, what’s even better is to pick out a few highlights and talk about them in detail. Yup, my favorite part of the fashion weeks is to talk about some looks from random collections. Perhaps because it’s easier to pick a few favorites, than to find full collections that are entertaining and engaging. Here’s part 1 of the highlights from the fashion weeks February 2021

Highlights February 2021

La DoubleJ

I wrote about La DoubleJ in this article. I love their mix of historic prints, dramatic silhouettes and clever styling. La DoubleJ Fall 2021 have all these ingredients, with a vibrant fall touch to it. One of my favorite looks is this green maxi dress. The A-silhouette, with the high neckline and mirroring sleeves are creating a 70s vibe. The dark green color in combination with the orange pattern is a gem. Love how the neckline also is framed with the pattern. What makes this outfit even better are the matching earrings and shoes. It creates a nice coherency. I must say though that the pom pom headband is what has my heart. Such a playful way of adding a more aristocratic vibe to the outfit. It gives it a twist. 

Courtsey of La DoubleJ | Fall 2021

Ports 1961

Ports 1961 made knitwear wearable and fashionable again. Or maybe again is the wrong word, but the Canadian label presented a lot of wearable and innovative knitwear. I have a big crush on this knitted cardigan and skirt duo. Love the styling with the black boots and matching turtleneck. I would’ve personally skipped the gold necklace and the mint blue bag, but hey it still works. The black/white combination adds a timelessness to the look, whilst the cuts of the knitted cardigan balances the flow of the skirt. Another knitted favorite from the collection is this one

Courtsey of Ports 1961 | Fall 2021

Emilia Wickstead

One label that has refined the art of retro elegance is Emilia Wickstead. Season after season, year after year, she plays with timeless colors, silhouettes and details. This sophisticated elegance is embodied in this dove blue monochromatic look. There are several things that are contributing to this luxe vibe, one of them is definitely the retro blue hue. The cape and the midi length of the coat are also adding, as well as the choice of ballerina shoes and going sans details. It could’ve been an Audrey Hepburn outfit from the 60s! I must say though; an orange bag to this outfit would’ve made it pop even more, but I also understand keeping it clean and minimalist. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on these highlights? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

Courtsey of Emilia Wickstead | Fall 2021

6 thoughts on “Highlights from the Fashion Weeks 2021 – Part 1

  1. Hello Mia! Hope you’re enjoying the first bits of springs!

    I was happy to see some updates related to fashion week, but I am feeling that there not many novelties this year, what you think? Anyway you managed to pick a lot of interesting proposals, but I have to admit I don’t know a lot about the brands and projects listed in this blog post.

    Anyway the proposal by Ports 1961 really caught my attention: an interesting patterns, a mixing of different materials and the yuxtaposition of the same tones. Really interesting and now I’d like to know more about this brand!

    Gonna check the other posts of the week!

    All the best!

    1. Well, I do agree with you that not too many collections and looks felt innovative. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that a lot of the trends right now were introduced 2-3 years ago = we’re still in the middle of this era of fashion. Let’s see for how long it lasts, but it’s usually around 5 years before you see a distinct difference in fashion, at least that’s how I see it haha!

  2. I’ve not read much about Ports 1961 in a while and so this genuinely sparked my interest; those heavy knits are so aesthetic. The two-tone look you’ve shared is perfect! Have a fabulous weekend.

    aglassofice.com x

    1. They really are, just a major crush on them. So fashionable to play around with knitwear more! Xx

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