Highlights From The Fashion Weeks 2017

Folks! I think it’s time to slowly begin to wrap up the fashion weeks and I do only have a few posts left. I thought it would be about time to pin down some highlights from the fashion weeks 2017.  Looks that were genius in one way or another and deserves a(nother) round of applause. I’ve talked about some before and others are new! And yes, I’d like to apologize in advance for being a hypocrite on this. The past weeks I’ve been praising all the popping colors and prints we’ll see this fall and my highlights includes….zero? Ouch. Sorry about that!


I do very much indeed realize that the cape has no opening for the arms and it makes it highly impractical, but who cares? It’s gorgeous. (If you can find the opening for the arms though, please let me know). I’ve always thought that capes are on the balance of fashion drama and elegance, so a cape for fall is kind of a go! That exact length and camel shade, are both trendy features. The statement button might not have been my first choice, but a nice detail that adds to the excitement. The boots (let’s hope it’s fake) are a fashionable touch and underlines the camel color. I was about to praise the subtle pocket, but as I look at it again, I’m not even sure what it is. The opening for the arm? Lol, folks, whatever this look is: I love it. It looks like an everyday cape for a fashion hero, or something. See full collection here.

Highlights From The Fashion Weeks 2017 - Co

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Calvin Klein

The most celebrated look from Raf Simons’ first collection for Calvin Klein is this yellow one with the plastic cover. I’m not too hooked up on that look, but more in love with this all denim look. It’s definitely a nod to denim’s brilliance, but its also a nod to the American fashion heritage. The look ticks off the classical features of an outfit that would be considered as lack of style, but does it with a refined and more sophisticated touch. It’s denim on denim, which to many is either a hit or miss. Above that, it’s paired with a white turtleneck, that looks more uncomfortable than good, and also paired with clumsy shoes that are quite ugly. But. it. still. works. I’m not completely sure what it is, but the exact shade of denim being matches and the simple lines of the jacket are all so good. I love the pointy collar and the pockets too. Well, it shouldn’t work, but it does! See full collection here.

Alberta Ferretti

I know, I know. I’ve already dissected this look to its seams, but can we just embrace it one time more? Because yes, it is that good and I’m far from being over it. First of all, the color choice of navy and white is a perfect classical combination. Secondly, the choice of doing the stripes natural and like brush strokes adds a nice contrast to the preppy feeling. The flow of the dress and the shorter jacket creates a nice balance in the silhouette. That exact choice of hat is not only unusual but feels like an hat for strolls in the city on any given day? Why this looks excels to me is that it presents an idea beyond the material of clothes. Like Paris or Venice. So yes, hands down to this look one more time. See full collection here.


I feel like I have to throw in at least one look that embodies glam as we want it: with fringe, embellishment and a touch of the 20s. And where else to turn if not to Marchesa and their precise feeling for red carpet glam? This blood red dress is a gorgeous creation with the layering of fringe and embellishment. The placement of the two sculptures the dress and frames the body perfectly. The center part is done gorgeously not to mention the effect the long fringe creates. Dramatic, a bit smokey and a modern feeling of the 20s with the length, the features and the neat styling. See full collection here.


Carolina Herrera

Okay fine, this look is not genius. It’s quite plain and perhaps a bit too conservative to feel contemporary and upbeat. By its first impression: it lacks energy, excitement or a fun statement to keep the interest going. But but but, take another look at that collar. Yes, that’s damn right. That collar is a work of art. It’s quite simple with its simple lines and all white shade, but the work of layers balanced with the small bow is so good. The collar extends to a statement of shoulder which is a nice, if yet subtle, touch. The three layers of fabric are not only something else but also a nice demonstration of how simple details can take a look far. Cute and delicate might not be your cup of tea, but that collar surely should be everyone’s. See full collection here.


I talked about this look only a week ago but my crush remains. This contemporary 1980s festive evening gown is fashion geniusness. The petite top of the dress is a perfect contrast to the heavy bow as well as the fall of the lower part. The fabric looks luxurious as few and embodies simple elegance. This dress is a great example of doing a subtle statement: it’s highly visible but not tooo attention-seeking (making sense here). The bow adds a fun twist, but the rest of the dress’ simplicity still keeps it in the safe zone. A lot of us, if not all of us, would choose another pair of shoes – but hey – it’s a fun twist to say at least. On another note: How heavy is that bow? See full collection here. 

Folks! Which one is your favorite look, if it’s even one of these? Leave a comment below and have a darling weekend! Xx

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62 thoughts on “Highlights From The Fashion Weeks 2017

  1. That Carolina Herrera ensemble is gorgeous! I know it is just your regular black and white combo and I agree that it lacks energy and oomph. But that dramatic collar is highly attractive and dainty and everything that I love! I also love the bold color of the marchesa dress. They do not disappoint! 🙂

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  2. The denim jumpsuit by Calvin Klein would look SO good hanging in my wardrobe, haha 😉 I love your picks – the Carolina Herrera look especially. The white shirt is both practical and a statement piece rolled into one!


  3. I’m loving all these looks! The Balenciaga and the Marchesa outfit though are stunning and tiems I wish I had in my closet <3

  4. I love some of the pretty gowns! Although I’d never have the need to wear anything so fancy I do admire the way they look.

    That cape is stunning if a little confusing. Perhaps that line is an opening for an arm! 🙂

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. As I scrolled down I kept thinking, “This is my favorite look!” about every single one of your picks! I think Alberta Ferretti probably wins out though. I love that look!

  6. Awesome post. I think the first one is meant to be impractical lol. I’m pretty sure it’s a pocket and that maybe it is meant to be used for a walk when it’s super cold and snowy lol

  7. Haha, that cape is certainly chic, though I’m not crazy about the button either, it just kinds of sets it off a bit, but the color and length and overall drama do make up for it. Plus, I think pairing it with those boots kind of offsets it and makes it work. I loved the post you did on Alberta Ferretti and I, too, love the brush stroke take on the classic, preppy stripes. That dramatic collar is the saving grace of that outfit. You know what, I think if it were styled with a pair of high waisted trousers, it would’ve looked better. Pairing it with the long skirt and black tights just made it way too conservative and Little House on the Prairie, haha. Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!



  8. The one very practical side of having a cape with no arms is the fact that you will stay warm for sure! You can even carry your bag under the cape. It’s the perfect piece when heading out to dinner in cold weather. YOu would just take it off to eat of course =P

    Rina Samantha

  9. Ohhh really enjoyed reading about these highlights, babe! 🙂 The first cape made me go a little ‘What?!’ at first but hey, I like the fabric and I think that the colour is really pretty, also! My favourite one out of these has to be the Marchesa dress… The blood red colour caught my eye right away, and I love the classic yet unusual style. The Balenciaga gown is very interesting also, like yourself I enjoy the contrasting elements of it – the bow is amazing! 🙂 Also hun, I tagged you in the I Heart Spring tag on my blog, hope that’s okay! <3 Hope you're having a wonderful week so far. <3 xoxo


  10. I haven’t really checked what’s going on in Fashion weeks, except makeup 🙂 So it is good to get highlights and see what’s going on in the fashion industry! Navy&white is one of my perfect colour combinations, won’t get tired of it. How beautiful that Marchesa dress looks, so elegant! xx

    Ela BellaWorld

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