Highlights from the Fall 2017 Couture Shows

But folks,  we have to chat a bit about the fall 2017 couture shows! I pinned down Giambattista Valli Fall 2017 Couture last week, but what about the rest? Here are five shows that I’ve (not so) randomly picked out for various reasons. If you don’t know what couture is or why it’s relevant, catch up on this post first. And oh, here you can find all the couture shows yourself!

Highlights Fall 2017 Couture Shows

Valentino Fall 2017 Couture

So Valentino is bae, but me and V is kind of hitting the rocky road these days. Since Maria Grazia Chiuri departed the brand, Pierpaolo Piccioli have sort of undergone a gradual change centred on the brand’s design aesthetic. Gone (almost) are the days of fairytales in the woods and here is….a sporty Middle Age fashion with hints of functionality (say whaaaat?). Don’t know honestly, but Valentino Fall 2017 Couture is full of dresses in a Middle Age style with cuts, sleeves and print going way throwback Thursday. But then it was as if Valentino remembered that colourblocking is a thing and also minimalistic sports fashion and decided to mix things up a bit.

I’m all for eclecticism, don’t get me wrong, but this is not a complete hit, if a hit at all. The clothes feel like they’re lacking the final touch, they feel randomly composed and the coherency is centered to maxi dresses alone. There are however quite a lot of wearable looks if you can look beyond the lack of concept. This green little sporty maxi dress is a gem. Gimme an occasion and I’d show up in this golden star. My favorite look might be this one though. I know it’s supposed to be a glam evening gown, but it looks like a fashionable sleeping bag (!!!) and I love it! So much stylish fabric to work! Catch the full collection here

Elie Saab Fall 2017 Couture

Another brand that is slowly changing its style game is Elie Saab. Don’t panic, the Saab glam is still all over the place, but some details are new and the overall feeling is slightly more grown up glam than the pastel dreams of the past. The main signature is still red carpet evening gowns in sheer fabrics, lace and with golden details, but the looks have an Eastern touch with classic color combos of emerald green and gold, red and gold and dramatic capes (to mention some).

Some newly added details that differs from the earlier fashion game is the extended use of feather, furs and statement details. This look with the feather (please be fake) cape is quite genius and worthy of any entrance of drama. This LBD is one of the best I’ve seen so far in 2017. The placement of the statement bow is a genius contrast to the delicate lace and heavy velvet. Like, GENIUS. This red drama glama dress is gorgeous with the intense and layered red. Love the bow here too as well as the “belt”, contrasts the lace in a subtle way! Catch the full collection here.

Chanel Fall 2017 Couture

If I’d talked about two brands that are rewriting their style identity, a fashion house that is and probably forever will remain in the past is Chanel. I rarely write about the fashion brand out of several reasons, the main one being that the same look is presented model after model, runway after runway, season after season. Does this mean that Chanel Fall 2017 Couture is a game changer? No. The collection touched the tweed, the lady style, as well as the structured and balanced silhouettes. It also embraced the 80s with a slightly oversized style of the clothes and also the use of typical 1980s accessories.

But as always though, it was well executed and performed, which the old French fashion house should have cred for. A coherency, a wearability and some fun twists here and there. This look is really chic with the short-sleeved coat and the leather dress (?) visible underneath. A fun twist on the classic coat that I’d love to see more of! And honestly, I’m just waiting for the casting call for Alice in Wonderland and the role of the White Queen, cause I’d definitely wear this dress to it. Winter wonderland magic! Catch the full collection here.

Atelier Versace Fall 2017

Versace is always bringing an edgy vibe, somewhere pending between glam and gothic. Atelier Versace Fall 2017 was  interesting to see as the collection stayed true to their design, but played with the structure of clothes and silhouettes. The color scale touched black/white/gold/beige and some pale dove blue. Absolutely obsessed with this dress and the statement shoulders. So chic to do it in a snake print style too, embracing the more dramatic side of the brand. Another look I adore is this all gold dress with a perfect statement by the hips. Stylish, unexpected and genius way of playing with the silhouette. Can I wear it yesterday? Catch the full collection here.

Courtsey of Atelier Versace

Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Fall 2017 Couture

You can always count on Alberta Ferretti to bring the glam to the party. The fall 2017 couture limited edition collection is no exception to this. The fashion brand brought glamorous dresses with many containing a resemblance to the 1930s evening gowns. A lot of silky materials in one color with a focus on the cut and fall of the fabric. Some looks were more wearable with a chic boho touch to it, going lace and sheer fabrics. A favorite is this mustard yellow pearl that I’d wear any given day. Perhaps not that couture touch, but definitely one of wearability! Love the simplicity of this dress, with an all white maxi feeling fresh for summer but also the fall style it’s going for. Love the subtle layers of fabric and v-cut in the front. Chic is the word! Catch the full collection here.

Folks! Any favorite designer from the fall 2017 couture shows? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

Courtsey of Alberta Ferretti

28 thoughts on “Highlights from the Fall 2017 Couture Shows

  1. I. Love. Couture. Ugh, so good. I honestly rarely love an entire Versace collection, but this one sold me immediately. I want so much. Woven tulle? A metallic jumpsuit? Yes! And I always love a touch of goth.

    Chanel wasn’t necessarily a game changer, no, but I find myself falling more and more in love with the brand after every collection. I guess that’s the magic of it? The tweed was lovely, as usual, but the finishing dresses stole my heart.

    I hope you have a lovely week Mia!


    1. Versace did really well this year and so many of the looks were so so well done. The last look of Chanel was just magical and LOVE the winter/princess style it adds! Xx

    1. The edge of Versace was so good though, loved the way they played with the metallics! Xx

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