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Yellow-ish, breaking nails that are cracking? Sounds familiar? Our nails might be made of hard keratin, but that doesn’t mean they’re made of stone. If your nails are treated badly they will most certainly suffer. If you’re also
Zoya_Nail_Polish_Erin_Sally_and_Lauren a fan of nail polish (we definitely are, hello: Dotted Nails, Glitter Nails and Spring Colors For The Nails), there’s an even higher risk that you nails won’t bring their A game.

The reasons might be endless, and as we might not be doctors on the area, we do know some tips that are gold worthy when opting for healthier nails! It’s not about changing diets or you way of life, but adding or increasing certain intakes of food might change you nail status to the better. Another way of hacking healthier nails is also by treating them rightfully with products and nail care.

5 tips on healthier nails

  • Adding some extra protein to your diet is beneficial as protein is one of the ways to stronger nails. Food that is high in protein is eggs, chia seeds and soybeans!

  • Remove Products – Be sure to have a nail polish remover without any alcohol in it. Alcohol will make the nails dry. If you suffer from dry nails, you can easily apply a moisturizing product for the better! Olive oil works fine as well!

  • B-vitamin are essential for your skin, your hair and also your nails. Increasing the consumption of B-Vitamin in your life by adding potato, beans, broccoli, kale or why not spinach?
  • Your nails are not your tools. A lot of us are guilty of using our nails for opening jars, or any time we need something thin and sharp. But as stated earlier, your nails are not made of stone. They’ll most likely break if you use them the same way you’d use a knife.

  • Coconut oil (what else?!) is a also a gem for healthier nails. It’s rich in vitamins and will help your nail game to go strong. Read more about the magic food here!

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