Haute Couture Fall 2018

The holidays are a magical time of the year so what’s better than some haute couture to go with it? Perhaps no realistic ideas of what you can wear, but some dreamy inspiration of gorgeous gowns and other creations. From the regular, top designers too, of course! Here are three looks from haute couture fall 2018 and why I love them:

Haute Couture Fall 2018

Valentino Fall 2018

Gold is luxurious indeed and even more so for the holidays. This all gold creation from Valentino is simple in its design and execution but ever so effectful with the monochromatic look. The texture of the material adds an interesting twist and also gives a subtle edge with the more rough and uneven appearance. The blue makeup to this dress is a terrific choice, as it gives the dress a more modern and youthful approach. Blue and gold is also a combination that’s easy to like!

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Elie Saab Fall 2018

Did you know that you needed a floor-length cape with puffy sleeves? Cause I swear I didn’t. Have you seen anything more majestic than that navy blue cape? Totally unwearable for sure, but terribly stylish in combination with the transparent dress. The embroidery reconnects nicely with the embroidery of the dress, giving a glam appearance with the glitter/sequins. Quite a memorable look for New Year’s Eve if perhaps a bit difficult to recreate. If you do come up with something similar, don’t forget the smokey eyes nor the gold earrings – a stylish way of intensifying the glam.

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Christian Dior Fall 2018

This simple dress is delicate in so many ways. The pearly green, the draping, the simple silhouette and the thin straps are just some examples of details that gives the look that little touch. Love the vintage vibe to the look too, giving off a somewhat 40s/50s vibe with a contemporary beat. The choker might be trendy, but would’ve preferred to see something in the same color if so. Notice the hair style that also gives the dress and upper body part the spotlight, which is a gorgeous effect as well! More than anything though (again), that color!

Folks! Which one of these looks from the haute couture fall 2018 shows is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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6 thoughts on “Haute Couture Fall 2018

  1. I loved all 3 collections. I am particularly swooning over gold in both Chanel and Valentino’s collections so of course those happen to catch my eye more. The bold shoulder is one of my favourites. I always have to size up for jackets and blazers due to my athletic build, so this lets me keep my original size and still wear the strong shoulder trend. I can’t imagine wearing a long cape like the Elie Saab one, but would love a shorter cape version!
    Happy Holidays!


    1. Same here!! Hahah I’d love a shorter version of the Saab one too, such a good statement though! Xx

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