Happy Fashion Weeks!

Folks! All of you who are visiting The Fashion Folks through the phone, our design’s responsive function is not working at the moment. We’re working on it and hopefully it’ll be solved soon! Meanwhile, sorry for the inconvenience!

And the time is now, the day is here folks! It’s the first day of one month of fashion weeks and we’re definitely calling for this post to be our kick-off!


Catch up about the fashion weeks

If you’re not in a fashion week mood yet, or just not in tune with the fashion life. You can catch up on our previous posts here:
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– And as a bonus, even though Haute Couture won’t be showing now: The story behind Haute Couture

The Fashion Folks x The Fashion Weeks

We’ll leave it to next year to be able to cover the fashion weeks from location, this year has no time/resources for it (I’m crying too). But we’ll do our best at giving you the best of the best from all four main fashion weeks. Reviews, general info, interviews, stories and just being all goofy about fashion and beauty trends. We also have posts saved for the fashion industry in general and some reflection on the fashion circle we’re living in.

Some general notes

If you’re feeling sick of trends, consumption, elitism and the centralized fashion world. Don’t worry, we’re not prompting you to buy designer clothes no one can afford (if you can, lucky you though). But in means of reviewing collections, talking about the industry and stay updated on trends we intend to talk about fashion in its positive and negative context. Fashion trends can feel distant from everyday life, but they’re also fun to look at, be inspired by and know about. Same goes for beauty, a lot of the makeup  is not wearable, but they’re nevertheless fun to be inspired by. And if you’re still not one for the weeks, don’t worry the rest of our posts (that is 4-5 a week) will still not be about the weeks. You’ll be fine.

Folks! Happy fashion weeks!

70 thoughts on “Happy Fashion Weeks!

  1. So true, even though fashion shows can be over the top they’re wonderful to watch. Looking forward to your coverage. 🙂

  2. You know, I really love fashion month and all the inspiration showcased, both on the streets and runway, but as you’ve mentioned, sometimes it can feel a bit distant in terms of the trends and it’s relevancy overall. I’ve found that not many translate them well into a way that’s relevant to the everyday person like us. You, on the other hand, do just that and so I’m hoping that you’ll one day get front row seating at the most coveted shows. Your work is relevant, while still reporting on what’s going on in the fashion world, but you do it in such a way that translates well to everyday lifestyle. I hope I makes sense? Haha! Anyway, cheers to the start of NYFW and fashion month and I’m excited for what’s in store! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having the best week so far!



    1. Jalisa, you’re out doing yourself with every compliment, gosh, thank you so so much love! I know I’ll get there one day, and you should know that you and your cheerful and supporting comments has played a part in it. Without the occasional confirming that the work I do is relevant, I’d just been so lost right now. You’re the best gorgeous! Xx


  3. Well said! I also don’t follow fashion trends blindly or say buy all the fashionable items every now and then (Not at all possible!). But no harm in discussing about fashion trends and stay updated about it. And, I looove fashion shows <3
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