Our Top 4 Hairdos For Fall

You know how it is, you skip some precious beauty sleep in order to get your hair ready for the day. You wash it, dry it, fix it and perhaps do an hairdo. All of that only to walk outside and get your hair ruined by the wind, rain or whatever mood the fall weather is up to. And we know, getting a bad hair day day on a day you’ve prepped for a good hair day day (not being confusing at all here) really sucks. But we might have the solution for you. Folks? Here are our hairdos for fall.

Top 4 Hairdos To Try For Fall | The Fashion Folks

The basis of a perfect hairdo for fall

We know, we’re not good at hairdos either. They often take time to do, and if we’re down to it, we do prefer to be dressed rather than having our hair done. But the latter doesn’t take away the fact that hairdos for fall is a great idea. It keeps your hair in place when it’s windy, it keeps it out of the makeup and it’s kind of a good contrast to all the layers fall comes with. So the demands we have is that it has to be:

1) Easy to make
2) Has to keep it in place
3) Have to, of course, look fashionable. 

Hairdos for fall

A bun is fun

Well, a bun is fun indeed. And it’s quite simple, whether you’re opting for perfection, a messy one or a donut bun you’ll figure it out. The key to a perfect bun is to figure out the mood of your hair for the day (believe us, this is a thing) and see what you’ll be able to work. Some days the messy buns just happens and other days the hair will cooperate and do a perfected one. We love it nevertheless, no more hair fuss!

Braids and more braids

Classic and fantastic. Braids gives the perfect boho feeling and is favorable to work for fall with its ability to work with a hat, and of course, keep the hair in place. This hairdo in specific feels favorable for fall weather too with its chill texture. We just love braids with cozy cardigans and outfits with too many layers! Braids for fall are a must!

Sleek ponytail

Let’s just admit it, does a hairdo say more fierce than the one that is a sleek ponytail? It’s just something so empowering with it. Perhaps due to its perfected core, it gives the vibe of someone who has it together. And what is fierce and powerful if not that? Enough with us rambling though, this hairdo is also favorable for fall as the hair is put in place, it takes no effort at all and gives a nice preppy balance to the often soft silhouettes of fall fashion. We adore this one!

Tucked in

Now this is might not an actual hairdo, but it’s a working one. The tucked in hairdo became trendy a few seasons ago when the turtleneck made its big comeback. It was suddenly fashionable to let the hair stay inside the clothes. And it does kind of look chic and we like the idea of leaving the hair at nothing. It can be kind of annoying though with the hair close to the skin, but a small price to pay for a fashionable outcome!

Folks, these are our hairdos for fall. There are so many more out there, if you have any in specific you like to do, hit us in the comments!

85 thoughts on “Our Top 4 Hairdos For Fall

  1. Thank you for this! I can totally relate! I hate cutting on sleep just to prep my hair for the day. It will end up disheveled anyway! A bun or a ponytail is always the best hairdo’s for me. But I have to admit that though these help me get through on a daily basis, I sometimes wish I can have a different, more creative hairstyle. Haha! 🙂

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  2. I am always looking for new ways to style my hair. I used to always have short hair so I’m often stumped with what to do with it now that it’s long. I’m going to try more braids and buns–love the look of the scarf in it too!

  3. Buns are my go-to hairdo but I really do wanna try my hand at braids, I somehow always fail to get the braids perfect!!

  4. My hair NEVER cooperates with me when I need it too and I’m sure that’s the story for nearly everyone of your readers, haha, so this article is just perfect for fall! I love to experiment with all the suggestions you’ve made here, except the braids, simply because I don’t know how to do anything other than a simple one starting from the base of a ponytail! I haven’t really practiced much, so I can’t expect to get any better. I guess this weekend, when I have some down time, I’ll watch some tutorials and try to get it down pact so I can wear them because I love the way they look! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having the best week so far!



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