Hair Trends Fall 2016

So we’ve done Makeup Trends Fall 2016 and Fashion Trends Fall 2016, are we done yet? Nope, the hair trends fall 2016 is kind of a deal. Some of them are far from being suitable for everyday life, but you know, we can dream about them!

A bun is fun

Or at least it’s chic and comfy! Make a bun on the top of your head this fall. Standard, basic, simple and all synonyms for a go-to hairdo. Use a hair donut if you’re uncertain on how to get it perfect. Bottega Veneta (below) and Victoria Beckham had fun with the bun!

Curly Curls

Whether it’s your natural hair or you’ll fake it til’ you make it, get those curls going folks! If texture dominated the fashion trends, it’s poignant on the beauty side too! Herve Leger by Max Azria (below), Diane von Furstenberg and Zac Posen all went curly.


Wet Waves

If you’re one of those people that showers or workout in the morning and always is a bit anxious about leaving with wet hair? This year your morning stress is actually fashionable. Let your hair be a bit shiny, it’s quite the healthy sign. Either you’re smelling good as you’ve showered or you’ve been working out, which is also favorable. As for the actual health aspect of dealing with cold temperatures and wet hair, we wouldn’t recommend. But ehrm, figure it out folks! See Jason Wu’s fashionable version below

Essential Embellishment

Not only the name for our accessory pinboard, but also a suitable headline for the embellished hair. As trendy as ever to pimp up your hair with a headband, a glitter buckle or just anything that will make the hair pop. For an everyday look we’d suggest the bandana scarf! See Sonyia Rykiel below!

Longer Lengths

You know how each and every fall the majority of us is thinking about cutting the hair, try something new or just do a new hairstyle? Well, not this fall apparently. Long hair was spotted at both Isabel Marant (below) and Michael Kors. Keep that hair growing folks! (You can always make really cute braids if you get tired of it…)

Folks, that’s a wrap on some of the hair trends fall 2016! 

64 thoughts on “Hair Trends Fall 2016

  1. I desperately wish I was better at doing my hair! I am so incredibly boring! Wet waves is SO gorgeous!

  2. I’m 100% in for embellishment worn in the hair – I noticed a piece in Harpers Bazaar on wearing detailed broaches in the hair and instantly fell in love! Also, secretly overjoyed long hair is one of styles mentioned in this post haha 😉

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