How To Hack Bad Hair Days During Fall

We have a problem that is returning each fall, long hair and windy days. Many of us know the pain of having long hair (or hair at all) during fall. It gets quite messy during windy and rainy days. The definition of a bad hair day is more normative than not, which says a lot about the situation, lol! My hair is quite the long one and has mainly been so for the bigger part of my life, so I say I’d qualify as a professional at avoiding bad hair days during fall (or something). How? Here’s how:

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Hack Bad Hair Days During Fall

Use Accessories

The first step is to use accessories. Even though I mainly talk about them being stylish and how you can match them, they are obviously functional too. In the context of protecting one’s hair, hats and beanies will definitely do their fair share of helping your hair. A hat is perhaps not the best on windy days (the struggle is real), but go for a beanie instead. And if it’s raining, a fedora hat will definitely do. An oversized scarf will also be helpful as you can place your hair under. It’s simple and smart!

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Go For Smart Hairdos

The best way, of course, is to go for smart hairdos. I’m talking hairdos that won’t go crazy by some rain. All shapes of buns are often favorable, so is braids as it keeps everything in place. My ultimate go to hairdo, whenever my hair and the weather isn’t working together, is the low bun. Just comb the hair backwards toward the neck and do a strict, defined and secure bun. It’s almost so magical that you forget that you have the hair, lol. Also, as talked about earlier, the low bun is the ultimate hairdo when going for a layered outfit or something that focuses on the neck. It lets the clothes be in the spotlight.

A kind of nerdy, but working, hairdo is also the high ponytail! Don’t know if this is scientific or not, but it’s said that it’ll make you feel more energetic! Magical or not, it also takes away all the hair from the face which is a plus when doing fall! Also, don’t forget the braids! The braids will always have your back and also give you some gorgeous waves.


Folks! How do you hack bad hair days during fall? Do you go hat or do you hide? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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24 thoughts on “How To Hack Bad Hair Days During Fall

  1. Great post! I do a bit of both. I already know I’ll be taking advantage of the beret trend quite a lot this season. Gotta love ’em.

  2. Mia, get out of my head 😉 I actually was just contemplating doing a big chop on my hair – perfect timing with this piece. Right now I am absolutely doing the hats/accessories and pulling it back in a ‘sleek’ bun. Can’t wait to break my berets out!


    1. Hahaha I’m just casually stalking you, ya know?! Hats and buns, in combo and switching them, is perfect for fall. Doing it all the time too! Xx

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