Guide To Wearing Prints 2020

Folks! Here’s a Friday article for with some weekend reading. I’ve compiled all relevant articles on how to style prints, some more specific and others more general. If you ask me, there’s no season like spring/summer when it comes to wearing prints. Just one or two easy layers and you’re good to go. Even if your life is far from usual right now, it can still be fun to try out some ideas at home first! Click the images to get to the articles. And no, don’t care about the years, the tips are still relevant!



Hope you’ll feel inspired to work more prints! Have a lovely weekend folks! Xx

16 thoughts on “Guide To Wearing Prints 2020

  1. Hey Mia, hope you’re doing good!

    Yes, I need this kind of posts in my mission to wear more colors, prints and vibrant things and escape from the neutrals haha. Right now I am mixing a block color piece and then a garment with a print, next step is to put two different prints haha! Thanks for these guides, you’re always bringing the best content!

    PS: The photo of the eyes on the blue wall is located in Madrid! I have been there and I’m amused that it became so popular on the internet haha!

    1. That sounds like a terrific idea Pablo! I can’t wait to see some colorful, vibrant, outfits from you 😉 Oh that’s great information, I had no idea! Xx

  2. I love printed dresses but other than that, my clothing is pretty ‘plain’. I like the idea but have to gain confidence to try it myself! This really inspires me!

  3. I’m still sooooo timid when it comes to mixing prints haha – I’m trying though, believe me! Still adoring zebra and leopard print and so very much on board with your suggestions here 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend gorgeous! x

    1. Hahah well A for effort babe! I think you’d pull off a floral print mix perfectly! Xx

    1. That’s great babe! I’m glad you like this article, thank you for the kind words! Xx

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