Guide to the Fashion Trends Fall 2018

Let’s kick off the fall season 2018 by a major guide to the fashion trends fall 2018. This fall is all about mixing layers, volumes, prints, colors and styles. If you want one word to follow, eclecticism is what you should strive for in your outfits – of course within the frames of your style, but also by pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.  The best, and most healthy way, to approach trends is to think of them as inspiration of how you can expand your own style, rather than guidelines one must follow to look “chic”. I think the fall trends 2018 are sympathetic from this point of view as they encourage a more unpretentious approach to fashion by daring to look ridiculous, breaking the style rules and allowing to wear what you feel like wearing. Well, enough rambling: here’s the fashion trends fall 2018:

Fashion Trends Fall 2018

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Fashion Trends Fall 2018

Sports Vibes

Bringing the sports vibe into the fashion life has always been a popular thing to do. Lately though, with the explosion of the 80s/90s fashion (with a lot of sport influences), the sporty vibe feels as present as ever. For fall 2018 the sport style is inspired by the winter fashion with turtlenecks, puffy jackets, oversized scarves and quite the fair share of retro knitted sweaters. Who says you can’t be warm and look fashionable at the same time? Another theme is the more edgy, minimalist sports fashion. Much alike the style of Alexander Wang with a lot of black, grey, white, neon shades, simple lines and statement materials of leather, neoprene and mesh.

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Office Twist

Oh boy, it feels like ages ago when the office fashion of the 80s emerged but it’s only been 2-3 seasons. It has since gone from full 80s force, to plaid patterned blazers and one colored sets of the 90s. The office style today is a mix of everything, with blazers, shirts and pants being a focus  but done in awkward colors, prints, volumes or with any detail that makes the look a bit different. It’s the office style with a twist! I’d still state though that the 80s fashion is still heavily present through the blazers, especially as many of them are oversized and styled in an 80s look with mom jeans, designer belts and silky blouses. One of the best things about the blazers this fall is that they work well as jackets too, making them a nice option as outerwear.

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Madness of the 80s

We’re not really done with the 80s yet, in fact, it feels like the 80s just peaked with some of the collections for FW18 (like, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and Balmain). It’s all about the inverted triangle silhouette, the marked waist, the oversized clothes, the primary colors and prints of polka dots and houndstooth. I know we’ve talked about this before, but the most simple way to embrace a fashion that’s quite the statement, is about choosing details of it that suits your style. If you love the 80s madness however, this is your time to shine with all things maximalism! At this point, the trends of the 80s have evolved to include all things imaginable from the decade.

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Floral Expansion

“And rain will make the flowers grow” is not only a line from the musical Les Miserables but also a subtle summary of the fall trends 2018 as the floral prints are everywhere (and I do really mean everywhere). The floral print is no longer exclusive to the spring fashion, but very much align with a rainy, windy and cold fall weather. The floral prints are done in a melancholic, dramatic and well-balanced style with lots of dresses, bags and monochromatic looks. I do think that a nice melancholic floral print works really well with the fall colors, or the jewel tones, creating a rich and lively style. Choose a dark floral print and you will surely be trendy this fall, even more so if you match it with more florals.

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Choice of Colors

Let’s talk about colors folks! The colors of this fall are quite loud as they’re done top to toe and in shades that are statement-making. We have the primary shades of the 80s that are in center, but also some awkward mint green, mustard yellow, lavender and bright red. For fall, these colors have been presented through the office style mainly, going for matching blazers and pants. It’s also been done in layered looks, with different shades of the color representing different clothes. I think the latter is a really interesting way of approaching the trend, as it gives a  dynamic look. This trend is also quite easy to take after as you only need to stick to one color and make it work!

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90s Street Style

If the 80s been big, the 90s is also finding its way back in fashion. The 90s street style comes with a sporty vibe, infused with more futuristic elements of plastic, metals and the Matrix look. This style is about the small sunnies, denim, the bucket hat, leather, fanny pack, dad sneakers, hoodies and fleece material. It has a lot of attitude with the informal, loose and rough materials.  It’s quite functional too with focus on comfortable and durable pieces, like sneakers or the good ol’ wind jackets. I’d say this trend is perhaps the most popular one amongst influencers, which means that Instagram will be your source of inspiration!

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Popping Prints

Lastly, another major trend of fall 2018 is the pop of prints. There’s seriously a print for everyone this fall with the focus on the florals but also the check pattern, the polka dots, the leo print, zebra and artsy stripes. A lot of designers chose to pair the prints with each other, creating an interesting statement. The best part about it though is that it sort of works as the prints are neutral, which means that they are easy to match. My favorite thing to do is to pick a color from the print and choose it for the second clothing piece (like the top or skirt). It’s a foolproof way of making the outfit look more coherent and making the print blend together nicely with the rest of your outfit.


Folks! Which one of these fashion trends fall 2018 is your favorite? Let’s chat about the fall fashion in the comments below! Xx

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16 thoughts on “Guide to the Fashion Trends Fall 2018

  1. This is an excellent summary of the fall trends. I agree that such trends should be for inspiration and guidance. Many of these looks do not work for some of the population. The voluminous pieces in particular.
    Great post.

    1. Yes the voluminous trend is crazy, but a fun one indeed! It’s all about knowing what works for you and not! Xx

    1. Hahah I know you do love your office fashion and you have all the reasons to do so this fall babe!! Xx

  2. Hey Mia, how you doing? Hope you had a nice summer! It is always good to come back to your blog and get my fashion dose of the week 🙂

    As you I am excited and impatient to discover what fashion will bring us in the upcoming weeks, there are a lot of shows I have marked on my agenda (specially Céline)! And about the trends you mentioned in this post I feel like some of them (80s vibes, 90’s comeback and the upgrade of the sporty attire) are just getting bigger!

    Excited to see your coverage of Fashion Month!

    Best regards from Barcelona

    1. I had a lovely summer, thank you Pablo! How was your? Yesss Céline will be exciting with Heidi Slimane! Xx

  3. I’m loving that, for the most part, the trends we’re seeing are quite bold and like you’ve said, functional too! I’m loving the mix of textures, colors and oversized pieces especially. There’s this sweater I have my eye on from Zara that has these oversized pearl details on the sleeve that scream 90s and I’m loving it. Thanks for sharing this trend report. I always look forward to reading your thoughts on trends and how you dissect it all! Have a great week ahead, beauty!



    1. I know right? Just love the mix of wearable pieces with a fiin twist. Oh gosh that one sounds interesting? I’m looking forward to work more details and textures this coming fall! Xx

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