Guide To The Fashion Weeks September 2017


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To kickstart the first week of the fashion weeks, it’s in its place to do a full guide on where, when and what to expect! Like, what are we even gonna watch? Here’s a guide to the fashion weeks september 2017!

What To Keep Eyes On

Clare Waight Keller x Givenchy

Clare Waight Keller, the former creative director at Chloé, is to present her first full collection for Givenchy. The “twist” regarding this is that Riccardo Tisci, former creative director at Givenchy, had a very dark romantic style going on for Givenchy. Waight Keller is pretty much the opposite, which makes fashion nerds eager to see where she’s taking the classic french brand.

Continued Success?

Fairly new at their workplace, both Maria Grazia Chiuri (Dior) and Raf Simmons (Calvin Klein) succeeded big time last season with this iconic Dior statement and this iconic Calvin Klein coat (see below). Question is if both the designers will follow up the success with new “stopping the fashion world” moments. Not that commercial success, as well as social media attention, should defeat the creative importance, but sell figures are key (unfortunately).

The Next It Look

It’s always fun to speculate what will be the next it look the coming year(s). The 1980s have dominated the runway shows  for more than a year now. A lot of oversized silhouettes, shoulder pads, voluminous clothes and office empowerment. These elements have been present for womenswear as well as men’s fashion, but also in the different styles such as minimalistic fashion, fashion blogger, street style, sporty and bohemian. Question is, will this look last a bit longer or will we find a new decade to intrepret?

Personal Favorites

Yeah yeah, I try to be as neutral as possible here but I undoubtedly have my favorite designers too. This September I’m extra curious about where Valentino is heading. With only Pierpaolo Piccioli leading the brand now (he shared it with Grazia Chiuri before), Valentino has slightly changed the design core. Less romanticism and more functionality. In other words, exciting to see if the new path continues or if Piccioli keeps on exploring new styles.

Another brand I’m always love to see is Delpozo. The brand has perhaps yet to reach the full mainstream audience (not even sure if I want it too though), but is always fun and a bit norm-defying with their looks. When a lot of designers are playing safe, in one way or another, we can always count on Delpozo for bringing statement.

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Lastly, another designer that will be fun to watch is the up and coming Ulla Johnson who is the fashion world’s new favorite designer. She feels a lot like the new Isabel Marant with bohemian, wearable and likable looks. The wearability level is of the sort that the looks translate directly to streetwear even though they often have an unexpected twist or two. Hope Johnson will deliver another delicate and bohemian collection as the fashion world needs more eclecticism!


Folks! What are you looking forward to see from the fashion weeks September 2017? Streetwear, collections, any specific designer? Xx

The Fashion Weeks September 2017 - The Fashion Folks


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    1. Hahah I’ll have you change your mind, just you wait babe! *brb working on way too many blog posts*

  1. Oh yes I’m sooo excited for fashion month too ♥ Cant wait to read all your upcoming posts – because honestly, Vogue and your blog are my go-to – inspo to cover all fashion week madness 🙂

    Already answered your survey but I’ll say it again: you’re great Mia & I enjoy reading your blog sooo much ♥


    1. Gosh Tina, thank you! To read that filled my heart with so much love. So happy to have you as a friend, the source of inspiration is returned <3

    1. Fashion week is honestly equally as fun following online. Easier way to see all the collections! Xx

  2. I’m a bit bummed that I won’t be attending Fashion Week at all this year, since it’s always such a fun and inspiring time. I’ve, unfortunately, never sat in some of the most notable shows, but the vibe and events taking place during the season are always just as fun. That said, I’m excited to see what Tory Burch will be doing. I recently visited her store and fell in love with the brand all over again. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the designs I saw, some of which I didn’t expect from her. Aside from NY, I’d love to see what Gucci will do, considering they’ve made a huge comeback these past few seasons on the streets! Thanks for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



    1. I know you’ll get other opportunities in the future to attend shows love, and attend the big ones! Tory Burch is always delivering fun styles and I hope Gucci will keep on bringing the eclecticism! Xx

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