Guide: Beauty Trends Fall 2017

The trend train for fall 2017 continues today with a guide on the beauty trends fall 2017.  Catch the fashion guide on the trends fall 2017 here and the men’s fashion trends fall 2017 here. Other than that, we can expect a fall of beauty with some natural vibes but also a glowing 1980s look. Here are the beauty trends fall 2017:

Beauty Trends Fall 2017 - The Fashion Folks | Colorful Eyes, statement lips, natural skin, Oscar De La Renta, Stella McCartney, Coach

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Beauty Trends Fall 2017

Perfect Skin

Having perfect skin is something we all want, kind of. This season you might want to be extra specific with your skincare routine as it’s trendy with perfect skin too. Dior, Prada and Michael Kors are some designers that worked flawless skin! Don’t fret though if you don’t have perfect skin naturally, fake it til you make it is ever as true for the beauty world. Focus on a good makeup base with primer, foundation, concealer, some contouring, blush, perhaps bronzer, definitely a highlighter and some setting spray. Yeah, perfect skin can also be anything but natural!

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Shiny & Fresh

Remember how oily hair was quite the trend for years? Just leave it as it is, even better if it looked a bit greasy. Well those days are over. The beauty world has decided to join the rational state of mind by washing the hair. Making it shiny and fresh you know? Stella McCartney, Coach and Isabel Marant are some designers, amongst many, that added a natural shine to the hair and embraced the natural look. Way to go!

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Colorful Eyes

Don’t be shy to play with the colorful palettes to light up this fall. Not the safe playing ones that are trending, but those awkward statement colors of neon and pastel you usually might shy away from. Those crazy shades are to be mixed and blended to create a colorful look. Oscar De La Renta, House of Holland and Maison Margiela all went for the statement eyes. Especially De La Renta worked the fairy tale look with pink and purple in combo. Winter magic that is!

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Frame The Eyes

If you’re a fan of eyeliner, this fall/winter season might be your peak season. For the upcoming months the eyes should be framed with eyeliner, no matter black and basic or colorful statement. Take some inspiration from Mulberry or Versus Versace. A fun tip is to change your regular eyeliner to one of color. Perhaps fall colors to keep the intensity alive but yet add something else?

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Statement Lip

Let’s make this clear; statement lips are always trending. A natural makeup look with a statement lip can never go wrong. Public School, Giambattista Valli and Jil Stuart were some designers that were fully aware of this! The best part about this trend is that you can do the lips in whatever statement color you prefer. Go nude, neon or classic. Whatever suits you!

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Folks! Which one of these beauty trends fall 2017 is your favorite? Are you going for that perfect skin or are you hitting the home run with the statement lips? Let’s chat in the comments!

38 thoughts on “Guide: Beauty Trends Fall 2017

    1. Hahah nope sorry darling, it’s not trending – the opposite is. But honestly, we’re all working the oily hair anyways! Xx

  1. Wooo Fall trend train! I’m not sure I could get down with the “Frame the Eyes” liner look. It reminds me too much of those middle school emo days lol. I do always love a statement lip this time of year though. I should get on that…

    Have a lovely week Mia!

    1. YES! Hahaha and more is coming too. Hahah yes I’m not sure about it either, but it’s here at least! Xx

  2. I love the idea of a colorful eye, that’s really fun. And I’m trying to embrace statement lips more–I love that look on other people, and want to try it more myself.

  3. Was catching up on a few blog posts Mia, love reading you! From this list I would love to pull off the colourful neon eyeshadow, but I am not sure we are quite there yet, so for now we’ll stick to a bold lip 🙂 Hope you are having a great week so far, dearest

    Saida | She talks Glam

  4. Okay, I’m back! Lol! This pat week was intense, so I missed a lot here, but I’m back to see what you’re sharing here from NYFW! I’m excited about the bold liners because I LOVE wearing liner. It’s very seldom you’d ever see me leave the house without it. I’m also open to embracing bold lips. I’ve recently said good-bye to some lipsticks that weren’t getting any love, so I’m looking to add in some replacements and actually wear them, lol. Thanks for the trend report, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



    1. Yay! Shared the first one today babe. Oh hope you’ll find some nice one, and you ofc have to share! Xx

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