Gucci Cruise 2017

So if you’ve been near any fashion accounts on social media lately, you’ve probably already seen some of the Gucci Cruise 2017 collection. If not, here’s one for you!


As if we weren’t overloaded with fashion enough (we’re grateful though), a cruise collection (aka resort collection) is a pre-season collection some of the bigger fashion houses do. As the name may gucci cruise 2017reveal, a cruise collection focuses on travelling and the jet-setters, but it’s more of an official term rather than an actual one. Gucci’s Cruise 2017 collection took place on June the 2nd with Westminster Abbey as the runway and the british references were obvious in the collection as well. Some spotted A-listers (like, where was our invitation duh?) were Elle Fanning, Alexa Chung and Georgia May Jagger.


The collection didn’t only show in Britain, it was flirting with the classic british style as well. And we’re not talking subtle-classic-black-and-white-and-maybe-some-red-style, but like everything-at-once-style. Like bonkers, brilliant and ace to use some typical british words. We spotted details on details, 1970’s vibe, punk, old british lady, 90’s shoes and oh crazy patterns that stretched from worms to flowers and things we’re not sure about. Except what we mentioned, there was some flirting with Alice in Wonderland too, with cute ruffles, bows and crazy hair. We’re pretty sure the definition of more is more got a new synonym. And if you still have no clue about the collection, we still haven’t figured it out after three weeks so you’re cool.

Overall Conclusion

But hence the confusion and the lack of a coherent style, we adored this collection. Might not be a good example of a ready-to-wear collection and certainly not something we will see in the streets. But for it’s aspect of fun, exploring and going bonkers (we just had to use the word again), it’s a lovely piece of fashion meeting art. The collection didn’t meet the demand of wearable clothes, but it wasn’t its intention either. Taking it for what it is (somewhat a blurry definition of RTW fashion but more of a fashion playground), is the way to go on about it.

Folks, what are your thoughts on the Gucci Cruise 2017 collection?

76 thoughts on “Gucci Cruise 2017

  1. Any coverage of Gucci usually has me swooning and this is no exception – I love your chosen designs to share! Gucci Cruise 2017 looks very special, there are definitely some elements I’m not entirely on board with (eg. heard scarf and perspex frame glasses), however overall – wonderful.

  2. You’re right, it is definitely not traditional ready to wear but it is such a fun and beautiful collection! It really transports you into another world.

  3. This is certainly and interesting collection! I personally would wear all the satchels and the last coat (if it were faux). I don’t know how I feel about collections like this debuting at an actual fashion show. I mean, I feel that if it’s intended to be more of inspirational/art form, then it would be best to somehow reveal it at the MET Gala, where fashion truly meets art. Other than that, I feel what’s on the runway should be practical for the streets. Right!? Anyway, thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having the best week so far!



    1. I totally get your idea that runway should be more streetstyle and more artsy and pricey pieces should be shown in another way. But then again these fashion pieces are more for the people that can afford them and a small elite of fashion people. Luckily some high street shops will probably be inspired and launch collections that reaches within the same area! Xx

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