Green Leaves

You know the drill of summer; beach, ocean, food and palms. Or more specifically, green leaves. Yes folks, the green leaves are kind of the pattern of the matter this summer!

What are the green leaves

Well if you haven’t caught the buzz just yet, read our post on the tropical patterns here! The leaves are Green Leavesdefinitely the go-to pattern of summer. Some people might state that the pineapple pattern is the print of the season, but we believe that both are equally as golden this summer! We sure can’t resist a good green leaves pattern, preferably one with tropical leaves. We’ve seen the pattern both at H&M and Dolce&Gabbana for the summer collections and we’re pretty in awe of the summer vibe!

How to style the green leaves

The leaves are bold in their shape and the pattern catches the eye right away.  As they mostly come in the color of white and green, there are endless of options as for the styling part. Both white and green is great with bolder colors, and patterns in general are keen on being paired with colors. There are however three colors we like to highlight a bit extra; pink, orange and cognac. Chic, hipp and insanely fit!

What to think about

As for all patterns you don’t want to overdo it, if you’re opting for pattern with pattern be sure that they uplift each other instead of outdoing one another.  And as the palm leaves gives a tropical feeling, don’t be afraid to enchance it or contrast it (whatever you feel like, truly). As for instance, a dotted pattern will make it more city chic, whilst an orange color would turn it even more tropical.

Folks, do you agree with us on the green leaves being the tune of the season?

70 thoughts on “Green Leaves

  1. I am loving the tropical leaves print trends on others, however I haven’t found one that suits me. This print will be a hit this year, not only on clothes but also on accessories too.

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. I’m thrilled tropical prints and leaves are on trend right now, as I’m pretty smitten with them! I love your style pick from Dolce & Gabbana – the banana leaf print is so perfect!

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