Golden Globes 2021

Okey folks, how ironic isn’t it that the Golden Globes 2021 seems to have been one of the most fashionable events ever? Given that it wasn’t even really a proper red carpet and everyone looked that glam and gorgeous at home? Well, irony or not, there were so many perfected looks yesterday that I just have to write about them. I was going to skip it at first, but these looks deserves more time in the spotlight!

Golden Globes 2021

Amanda Seyfried

How gorgeous isn’t this Oscar de la Renta dress?? The coral color, the minimalist style and the statement flowers? Love it! The dress is also so flattering with the slightly fitted style, and has the perfect amount of sass with the semi-long train. I love how it looks like a modern old Hollywood look with Seyfried’s perfected hair and simple jewellery. I also adore how the minimalist makeup complements the color of the dress so well. Everything is just gooorgeous!!

Anya Taylor-Joy

My favorite look however is this one by Anya Taylor-Joy, I mean – cmon! The emerald glitter dress, the matching coat, the blonde long hair, the jewellery; everything is just perfection about this. This might be one of my top 10 “red carpet” looks ever. I love how insanely flattering the emerald shade is, it just breathes Hollywood glam. Her gorgeous blonde hair also adds to the luxe feeling. And I do think more people need to wear matching evening coats, because it’s such a powerful and fashionable statement. One tiny detail that also makes this look superb is the deep v-cut and how it interacts with the minimalist necklace. The balance between them two is flawless. 

Cynthia Erivo

You know you always can count on Cynthia Erivo to bring a fun fashion show. This neon green scuba dress was no exception. Such a fun statement and such an entertaining color of green. Also, genius to take a non-glam fabric (scuba) and make it luxe with a dress. I love that the seams of the dress are visible as they add a favorable structure to the look. Way to go if you want to keep a look minimalist, but still give it some life. I do think the off-white gloves would’ve been more fun in a matching neon orange or lavender purple. It would’ve kept the playful vibe intact. 

Lily Collins

I adore this updated 70s vibe! The dark paisley pattern in combination with the cut-out, the one sleeve style and the maxi length is so good. It has that retro vibe to it, but it feels modern with the sassy makeup and the gold earrings. Also bravo on the matching makeup, love how it picks up the green in the fabric. The gold jewellery are also adding a very stylish factor. 

Elle Fanning

To end this article with another glam old Hollywood look, we have Elle Fanning. This dress has such a 1930s evening gown vibe to it. Everything from the dove blue color to the silky material, the embellishment and the draped details. I must once again applaude the hair and makeup as it vibes so well with the rest of the dress. The earrings are also underlining that vintage glam style, and reflects the embellishment of the dress so well. Love this! 

Folks! Do you have a favorite from these Golden Globes 2021 looks? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

9 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2021

  1. Oooh wooow!

    I am excited about the idea of adapting these ceremonials to the current situation, but at least we’re having fashion moments that can make us dream about upcoming events with no covid, luckily!

    I like all the celebs you mentioned, but honestly Anya Taylor was my favorite, she looked like a dream come true, not only due to the amazing dress by Dior, but also her hair and make up were on point! What a level! I am not the biggest fan of Maria Grazia but she did a really nice job here!

    I also loved Rosamund Pike matching that red dress with the combat boots, such a queen!


    1. Well, I do feel like people dared to be more bold with their fashion choices this time? Perhaps because it became more like a photoshoot than a red carpet event? I don’t know, but there were so many gorgeous outfits! Yes, Rosamund Pike was so entertaining as well! Xx

  2. I’m so terrible at remembering to watch award shows! I always love the style more than anything else anyway though, so I appreciate your recap. I totally agree about Anya-Taylor Joy–that emerald dress is GORGEOUS.

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