Golden Globe Awards 2020 – Red Carpet

What a magical thing to start the first monday of the decade with some glam red carpet looks from last night’s Golden Globe Awards! I must say that this year from the red carpet was not my favorite. Too many looks were either too boring or the styling was too off. But, I managed to find a few looks I liked, so let’s talk more about them below: 

Golden Globe Awards 2020

Glenn Close

First out is Glenn Close who looks absolutely stunning in this velvet blue dress. Love the dark hue of the blue, but also the richness of the velvet fabric. Love the buttons and the collar of the dress that creates a resemblance to a blazer. The embroidery by the sleeves adds to the glam factor. The simple clutch and the earrings that are elevating the look, but are still subtle. So chic, so simple! 

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Naomi Watts

Leave it to Naomi Watts to bring the old Hollywood glam! This semi-transparent dress is gorgeous with its embellishments and clean silhouette. Love the cut of the neckline, it adds a geometrical touch to the dress. The contrasting material of the neckline’s fabric and the rest of dress is beautiful too and makes the dress more dynamic. What makes this look even better is Watts’ hairstyle and the red lips!

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Laura Dern

Fair enough that the bohemian style of the dress feels a bit informal, but it’s surely compensated by the glam pattern and the deep v-cut. Love the golden flowers that adds a glam touch, but also the semi-transparent sleeves. The defining of the waist is also a favorable detail of the dress. Perhaps a more preppy updo would’ve given a more formal look, but Dern’s casual waves are really chic at the same time. 

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Kaitlyn Dever

How adorable isn’t this dress? Love the puffy sleeves, the volume and the pattern! The contrasting colors in the pattern, the pink, white and grey, are a really nice and crispy color combination for winter. I love that Dever’s styling is neutral as this is the sort of dress that needs to be on its own. The simple hairdo and the makeup is a good match! 

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Jodie Comer

Lastly! This green dream is definitely one of the best looks from the red carpet. Love the rich green color, the puffy sleeves, the neckline and the heavy A-silhouette. The edgy hairdo and the earrings are chic too and is a good balance with the more glam dress. Love the yellow bag. So chic! 

Folks! Do you have a favorite from the red carpet? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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12 thoughts on “Golden Globe Awards 2020 – Red Carpet

    1. It’s a great red carpet event! Wish the looks were more dramatic and glam though! Xx

  1. All ladies look great but closely I watched Glenn Close. Her dress was shiny velvet, perfect dress for evening not too blingy not too colorful. ThumzUp to her

    Keep in touch gal

    1. So true! Her dress was gorgeous, love the simplicity and elegance in combination! Xx

    1. SAme here! Everything was….so simple! I hope the Oscars will be more glam and dramatic! Xx

  2. I didn’t watch the Golden Globes but I’m so glad to see some of the looks (that’s the only part I truly care about, ha!). Laura Dern’s look is perfection, and the print of Kaitlyn Dever’s dress is so pretty! And Glenn Close is stunning.

    1. Hahah same here though kind of! Although Ricky Gervais opening monologue was a must too! Xx

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