Givenchy Spring 2019 – Review

If I’m going to be honest with you, it took me awhile to find a collection I wanted to review from PFW. Much alike MFW, a lot of the collections kind of felt incohesive and a bit unclear. Well more on that on Friday, cause I do have some things I want to say about Givenchy Spring 2019. See the full collection here:

Givenchy Spring 2019

Though I dislike the expression of “a modern woman” (what does that even mean), I think it summarizes this collection. It’s sophisticated, uncomplicated and pretty functional with wearable clothes and details of zippers, buttons, pockets. The clothes look comfortable but are stylishly done in a modern color (like the pink, yellow, green or blue) or in a classic material of silk, leather or something metallic. The lines of the clothes are sophisticated, some drapings and some layering. A lot of blazers, some coats and dresses. There’s also something vaguely androgynous about the collection, the menswear blends in seemingly with the women’s clothes, both in color and style.

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Thoughts On the Collection

I do think I like this collection. I’m honestly not sure. I think the use of colors were done really well and without a fuzz (like this dress, this suit, this blue). I liked the exploring of the office style, which was done well too (like these colors and textures layered, this cape dress and this cropped jacket. The belt as a functional accessory was also done favorably (with this dress, these pants and this glam dress).

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Yet, there’s something lacking in this collection. Perhaps it’s excitement, the feeling of being surprised and an it-factor. The things that felt at least a bit innovative wasn’t explored enough. For instance, this way of doing a classic draped dress. It’s a really chic and fun idea to make the dress more dimensional by letting the drapes work as a 3D detail. I mean, the design team were probably aware of it too as they let one of those looks open the show. But what happened later? It was done in two or three more looks but that was it. So that thing turned into nothing. I mean, it was done really in this look, feeling like a fashion version of modern art – but that’s one of 50 + looks. And this example summarizes the collection pretty well, it had a lot of interesting elements going on but failed to take it to the next level and give it that it-factor. Why not play more with colors, throw in some awkward details or just something to make it more of a surprise?

Anyways, as stated above, there were a few elements I thoroughly enjoyed. The styling of the looks was also done pretty well, feeling relevant and fashionable. Loved how this look was done with the wine red shoes as a nice complement. Same goes for the choice of shoes in this look and the use of a belt in this one. But these are still looks that are quite simple and perhaps too ordinary to become classics or remembered in a few years. Which pretty much sums it up – this felt like yet another collection but with the potential to be something more. So yes I did like it, but I could’ve liked it more. 


Folks! Would love to hear your thoughts on Givenchy spring 2019! Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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4 thoughts on “Givenchy Spring 2019 – Review

  1. I do get that androgynous vibe as well. I think it’s both the menswear inspired clothing, earthy tones, and the short bold hair cuts the models sported. I love the one piece looks you’ve highlighted out, especially the blazer dress. That said, I think the fact that the collection was comprised of mostly neutrals and pieces that didn’t necessarily have that WOW factor makes it lacking. I didn’t see anything that I haven’t already seen or that didn’t seem familiar. But, I can say that many of the pieces are quite practical for real life. I kind of need that blazer dress, haha!



    1. you sum up the collection so well in the comment Jalisa! It’s wearable, but it’s been done and seen before. Which is probably why I was quite grumpy in the post on PFW haha, tired of analyzing collection that’s been done. It lacks an edge and attitude indeed! Xx

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